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My day trading Systems were designed (reinvented for Big Money Winning, available nowhere but though me) years ago for troubled (Big Money Losers) day traders, as well, investors to be in touch with and adapt to radical change – market change, day trading strategy change, a myriad of systems changes, and, of course, changes in how we execute our trades to have an optimal competitive edge, empowering you for Big Money Winning, in control, trading on your terms, New School.

For over 95% of all traders around the world, the day trading and investing games are traps set by market makers Big Money Losing. After falling victim to this pervasive market trickery, over 15 years back, I applied my decades of consulting expertise to this broken losing game to give client traders the opportunity to day trade stocks with me. I completely redesigned every aspect of day trading stocks – day trading strategies, day trading systems, scanning for opportunities, charting those opportunities, and trade execution. The day trading game has changed, every aspect of trading has change. How do I know? Because I used my decades of consulting to completely redesign the day trading game for traders to be able to have pervasive Big Money Winning.

Yes, the Day Trading Game has changed, so have we – Have You?
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