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Day Trading Coach

Now is all that matters, while day trading stocks.

And – Now is the perfect time to learn to Day Trade
Stocks, New School – with your (this) Master
Day Trading Coach, for Big Money Winning.

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Here are a few distinctions for us to talk about
During your free consultation:

Before you trade –Ask 5 Questions:

1. Am I balanced / energized?
2. Find stocks with “price tension”?
3. Certain conditions met?
4. Is the Price moving?
5. Be on the Winning Side of the Price Action?

Holding a position” – Ask 5 Questions?

1. Is the Trade Working?
2. If yes, Hold?
3. If not, Exit?
4. Price Stall – “Exit Reversal”?
5. Price Stall – Exit?

John McLaughlin, StockCoach
Call now: 949-218-4114

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