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RealTick – Trading Software


RealTick Trading Platform –

Products + Services

RealTick is the industry’s premier global multi-broker, multi-asset class trading platform.

RealTick’s ease of use, unsurpassed flexibility and fully configurable trader experience delivers intuitively integrated analysis, execution and evaluation solutions which provide the opportunity for improved trading performance and investment profitability.

This includes advanced execution tools; unrivalled electronic access to leading global brokers and their products, plus lit and dark liquidity pools; real-time market and derived data; news; pre- and post trade analytics and proven risk management capabilities.

RealTick is available through its flagship Execution Management System; comprehensive data and trading APIs; RealTick for Microsoft Excel® plug-in; FIX; and RealTick Mobile™. Used by institutions, broker-dealers and traders worldwide, RealTick’s Software-as-a-Service model is supported by state-of-the-art global data centers, network redundancy and world class client service.

  • RealTick – Enables traders to execute trades across global markets, brokers and liquidity venues – incorporating real-time position, execution analysis and advanced trading tools to optimize execution performance and management of investment strategies, across asset classes, in a single platform
  • Ease of Use – Unsurpassed flexibility and stabilizability, streamlines your trading and workflow by delivering a fully integrated front-to-back solution
  • Liquidity Access – Unrivaled electronic access to leading global brokers and their products, plus exchanges, ECNs, ATSs and alternative pools of liquidity
  • Market Analysis – Real-time global market data, news, and analytics
  • Trading And Risk Management – RealTick provides brokers and traders with advanced single and multi-legged trading tools, plus sophisticated risk controls and compliance capabilities
  • Industrial Strength Infrastructure – RealTick is a fully hosted service, supported and run on state-of-the-art global data centers, with comprehensive network redundancy for ultimate stability, resiliency and reliability
  • Unequaled Client Service Focus – Whether you are a broker dealer, institutional or individual trader RealTick will proactively and professionally support your trading needs

Discover how the RealTick Express trading platform can make a tremendous difference in your trading style, speed, and execution.

If you’re not using a professional, direct access trading platform…see what you’ve been missing!

Online trading is a cornerstone to succeeding in today’s trading environment.

It is imperative that you have the best trading platform to meet your investing goals. Realtick is used world-wide by thousands of individual traders and institutions, and is an industry leader in day trading software.

Data Solutions:

Reliable, high quality market data is a core requirement for institutions, broker dealers, traders and users of pre and post trade analytics, to effectively view, analyze, monitor and trade global markets.

RealTick’s data solutions encompass:


  • High quality low latency market data across global markets and asset classes
  • State of the art data centers
  • Real-time series, plus historical and static data
  • Full depth of book, plus consolidated and aggregated books
  • Market data is available within RealTick Execution Management System, as a fully integral component
  •  RealTick’s powerful API – used to import real-time, intra-day and historical data for automated use in trading, risk and analytics applications

Retail Solutions

Upgrade today to RealTick – the industry’s leading professional market data, analytics and EMS/trading platform.

Backed by a fully redundant state-of-the-art global infrastructure providing users with high-speed, high-quality data and trading capabilities, and a proactive rapid-response service team accessible across multiple regions – RealTick offers the advanced features and functionality to meet the needs of the world’s leading analysts and traders.

Access equities, futures, options, forex, and fixed income markets across multiple global regions, choose your brokers, customize and streamline your display and much more.

Three Subscription Levels, One RealTick

RealTick subscriptions are available in three different service levels, offering you the features that best suit your needs and strategies.
Analyst* – Includes all of the essential features that have made RealTick the premium standard market data, analytics and trading platform. – Price $200/mo, plus exchange fees.
 Pro – Includes all the features of the Analyst package plus full depth of book, time & sales, advanced options and more. – Price $300 – $650/mo, plus exchange fees.
 Trader – All available features in Pro enhanced by fully integrated trading functionality providing traders with a single source market data, analytics and trading package with total access to global brokers and markets. Trader is only available to customers who open accounts with RealTick’s affiliated broker – Price variable, plus exchange fees.


ConvergEx Finds Buyer for Eze Castle, RealTick Units

Traders Magazine Online News, January 23, 2013

ConvergEx Holdings said it signed a definitive agreement to sell its order and execution management software businesses to private equity giant TPG Capital.

The units, Eze Castle Software and RealTick LLC, will operate under the name Eze Software Group and will still maintain a close relationship with ConvergEx once the transaction is closed, according to an announcement by the firms.

The two companies have agreed to a cooperative marketing plan that will allow each firm’s services to continue to be offered on an integrated basis. Each firm will also cross-sell the other company’s services.

The deal is expected to close in the first or second quarter of 2013. Financial terms were not disclosed.

ConvergEx and its banker Goldman Sachs reportedly had been shopping the OMS/EMS software platforms since October, and the proposed sale had been slow going, according to several industry executives interviewed by Traders Magazine recently.


Eze Castle makes order management systems, which are popular among hedge funds; and RealTick makes execution management systems, which are designed to provide better execution and investment performance, selling its services to asset managers.

Following the close of the transaction, ConvergEx said it would continue to focus on and expand its remaining global execution, institutional brokerage and trading-related businesses.

Retail Brokers

For individuals traders, RealTick offers its users the ability to choose the broker(s)most appropriate to their needs and strategies. Please see below for a list of broker dealers offering RealTick to their customers.

Cobra Trading



Light speed Trading



Bay Point Trading



RealTick does not support or recommend any of the specific RealTick providers listed on these pages and is offering these links for your convenience and information only.

The trading services which users may access through the links on this page are services of these broker dealers or branch offices and not RealTick.

The broker dealer or branch office you select is solely responsible for its services to you and RealTick shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in connection with your use of any broker dealer or branch office listed.

Stock Market Software – Realtick

Day trading software, stock trading software – RealTick provides traders with advanced tools to help identify and capture trade opportunities, and gain greater execution and investment performance across liquidity pools and markets, plus dynamically manage positions, portfolios and risk across multiple asset classes and brokers.

This one platform does it all including:

  • Easy to use stock trading software
  • Fully configurable and able to suit any trading style and workflow need
  • Better execution performance with dynamic navigation and order entry tools
  • Integrated transaction cost analysis tools for trade performance optimization

Day Trading Software – Liquidity Access

  • Global Broker Network
  • Seamless Access To The Latest Broker Algorithms
  • Dynamic Access To Liquidity – Brokers, Exchanges, ECNs, ATSs, Smart Order Routing And Dark Pools

Stock Market Software – Market Analysis

  • Multi-Asset Trading – Global Markets Coverage
  • High Quality Real-Time Market Data, News And Alerts
  • Comprehensive Charting And Technical Analysis
  • Powerful API For Market Data and Trading

Trading and Risk Management

  • Advanced List Trading
  • Multi-Asset Position And Blotter Management
  • Single And Multi-Prime Capable
  • Advanced Rules Based Order Entry Enhanced Options And Spread Trading
  • Robust OMS Integration And Order Staging
  • Risk Management, Monitoring And Compliance Tools
  • Compliance And Reporting – Start Of Day, Intra-Day, End Of Day Files And Regulatory Reporting

Industrial Strength Infrastructure

  • Fully Hosted Service (ASP)
  • Supported And Run On State-Of-The-Art Global Data Centers
  • Comprehensive Network Redundancy For Ultimate Stability, Resiliency And Reliability

Unequaled Day Trading Software, Stock Trading Software – Client Service Focus

  • Proactive Client Service Focus
  • 24/6

Detailed / Immediate / Personalized

Subscribe Online for RealTick today.

RealTick keeps all your trading in perspective.

TAL Data® is fast, reliable market data that Townsend Analytics provides to online traders, broker dealers and financial institutions worldwide.

This data includes: streaming real-time data on stocks, futures, equities, options and foreign currencies from major North American, European, and Asia Pacific exchanges.

Analytic Charts

With RealTick, numerous analytical studies are available. Charts can be built for any number of instruments at once, and can display information in either line, bar, or candlestick form.

Design charts by trades or by time interval: minutes (including overnight charts), days, weeks, months, or years; instantly change the interval or scale for any chart using shortcut keys.

RealTick designs its chart studies for easy legibility and immediate comprehension, when possible, studies are overlaid.

If the study uses another measure, the study is placed in an adjacent panel with its own axis.

Display bar data or the last price in a pop-up display box that updates in real-time. (Last price can also be viewed directly on the chart axis).

Enhance charts with trend lines, annotations, and technical-analysis studies (such as moving averages, MACD, signal line, Bollinger bands, and many others).

Customize chart coloring and duplicate the charts that you configure using Chart Favorites; chart spreads using RealTick’s chart multiplier.

Compare stock or future spreads more accurately by using simple arithmetic equations.

Display your positions and real time price statistics directly on a chart, click and drag to auto-fill the price field in the order entry panel.

Flexible User Interface

Easy-to-navigate features make the most of your time and screen space.

Create new windows with one mouse click, drag a symbol from the Symbol Guide or from an existing window and drop it onto a Toolbar button, and RealTick will instantly create the new window for that instrument.

Use drag-and-drop to add instruments to or move instruments among tickers, charts, MarketMinders™ and MultiQuotes™; the study or screen to which you add a symbol will update immediately with the new instrument’s information.

Use Favorites to bypass the setup process for the windows you use most. Simply save a study as a Favorite and then recreate it on another page with a single click – this includes colors, layout, technical analysis and more.

Move quickly among pages with user-defined shortcut keys called HotKeys.

Alter the content of various windows simultaneously.

With window-to-window linking, then you change a symbol in one window, the symbol choices of all linked windows on the same page will change accordingly.

Create unlimited customized pages.

Control all fonts and colors.

  • Direct Access Trading
  • One-Click Order Entry
  • Bracket, OCO, and Conditional Orders
  • Custom Scanners
  • Over 30 Indicators
  • Access to 9 Routes
  • Hot Keys and Custom buttons
  • Ease and Reliability of Use


Please note, that for day trading software and stock trading software, I do not support nor do I recommend any of the specific RealTick’s providers listed on this page and am offering these links for your convenience and information only.

The broker dealer or branch office you select is solely responsible for its services to you and I shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in connection with your use of any broker dealer or branch office listed.

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Contact ConvergeEx (RealTick): 1-800-827-0141


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