Day Trading Stocks with your Master Day Trading Coach - Interview: John McLaughlin, StockCoach

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John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach



Day Trading Stocks - offering:

The Trading WEALTH Learning program

Helping trouble traders shift

From – Big Money Losing

To – Big Money Winning


 Day Trading Stocks, NEW School


Don’t expect to get rich quick.
Do expect to learn fast, stay in tune with the markets and stock day trading opportunities,
and be on the big money side of most of his stock trading calls he makes in the day trading room.”
Ben Madison

John McLaughlin, Stock Coach – Master Day Trading Coach

Day Trading Stocks,  – helping Troubled traders Shift -

from Big Money Losing, to Big Money Winning,

Day Trading Stocks, NEW School.


The following is an Interview with:

John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach

John, can you tell us a little about yourself – as a day trading coach?

I’ve been an executive consultant/coach for over 25 years, for a few years, a business strategy development consultant (high tech companies) and a day trader consultant/coach now for over 10years, helping trouble traders shift from OLD School trading to NEW School trading, shift from Big Money Losing to Big Money Winning, Day Trading Stocks, NEW School.

My first taste of money happened in the Roxbury section of Boston, selling Sunday papers from a push cart to Jewish folk outside their favorite deli – man, were they great tippers.

I was a laborer in my teens, a factory worker, then a short order cook in a fancy Florida restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Mexico (I can smell the fish and steaks I cooked on the grill as I write), did my military stint in the Navy (Air Force), then Northeastern University (Electrical Engineering major – drop-out), then Raytheon – aerospace, defense systems testing.

In my 20s I became mortgage banking for a few years, then private practice helping corporate clients address real estate issues as a real estate appraiser/consultant. As a teacher I helped others progress in the real estate, real estate appraisal businesses as a Realtor (NAR – National Association of Realtors), Director and President with the local chapters of 3 nation-wide appraisal organizations, certified to appraise all types of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

I then, after completing a 5 year learning program with other consulting/coaching students around the country, shifted work from real estate to executive consulting – empowering senior high tech executives (starting with the CEO) in their relationships, work, and business development.

I later partnered with a McKinsey business strategy development consultant, guiding senior managers, thus their companies – energizing their relationship, enhancing work and business effectiveness and both career income and business profitability.

We helped our clients dramatically improve their relationships, empowering them with vision, strategy, and trust to develop careers – to dramatically advance their businesses – allowing both to come alive with fresh and very rewarding personal, professional, and financial possibilities and results.

How long have you been a day trader coach?

I’ve been day trading stocks since 2000.

How did you get started trading?

I retired over a decade ago.

Actually, truth be told, I got my ass kicked by a former ungrateful, wondering wife, then, with what was left of me (isn’t love wonderful), I moved out here to California, in hopes of starting life all over again – in “paradise”.

No, I’m not going into the gory details, suffice it to say, not only were the apples missing from my tree, the tree was bare of most of the branches and just about all the leaves that nourished me in life, including life-long friends, homes, and so on – but I will never give up on the one energy above all – love.

I found “retirement” (sounds better than a relationship crash and burn) boring, so I took up day trading NASDAQ stocks, on a whim, after watching an ad on TV by this hot-shot trader – Waxie, from Trend Trade. (Not sure who might be more arrogant – me or him.)

As for day trading stocks, like my other career development activities over the years, I did the research, found the best teachers to learn with – to be really good at day trading stock – to become a big money success in my new career as a day trader.

Looking back, other than technical analysis studies (with Brian Shannon –, I could have passed all the other obsolete, old-school stuff (books, courses, trading Expos) but without them, I never would have invented the new school trading game or have such a value-packed offer for traders who are suffering – just like I did – burning through cash, for me back then, hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a year.

Day Trader Coach – What markets do you trade?

I day trade New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq stocks.

What Style of Trading do you use?

After a couple years of day trading stocks, having won some and lost a lot (several hundred thousand – ouch).

Then, after I quit trading but continued to follow the markets and stock price movement I experienced a breakthrough in trading perspective, realizing mine and all the perspectives and systems I studied and practiced were now obsolete for making serious money in the stock and other markets. I used this new way of thinking and acting (trade execution skills) to developed a completely new way of day trading stock, many clients, to this day, experience as an innovation – a completely new day trading game (new perspective, strategy, rules, tools – for winning, big money winning) for investors and traders – to first end big money losing, once and for all time, displacing that dreadful crap of big money losing with frequent, big money winning, wealth building wining.

Our unique day trading systems are a complete transformation in day trading stocks – new trading perspective to keep abreast of the times (since the Tech Bubble the markets and stock price movements have dramatically changed, leaving those out of touch out to lunch when it comes to making big money these days), transformed day trading strategies – for troubled investing, swing trading, and day trading traders to shift from losing to winning, from nothing to get excited about break-even to CEO level income, in matter of months.

Killing the old-school and using our new-school trading approach, I’m known some as a renegade trader.

I and my clients have broken free from the crowd of losers, applying what I/we have learned – winning secrets, tools, and simple yet powerful trade execution tricks to kick ass, profit-wise, with the few most successful traders in the world – those sophisticated software traders, who control the markets and stock price movements, even the indicators traders use to decide what and when to trade, whose sole purpose is to trick both retail and professional traders world-wide for huge financial gains.

Our style and systems for day trading help represent an innovation in day trading stock – a game changer – and for me and those I consult and coach, big money winners in a sea old-school losers.

I reinvented my entire day trading stocks game – my thinking (perspective for trading), my day trading strategy, my day trading system (base on secrets I revealed for winning in the process of big money losing) in contrast to all I learned that just sucked me into the loser’s game, actually preventing me from winning.

Now that’s real change, big money winning change, wealth building change. And we (my day trading room clients) love it.

What do you Like Best about Trading?

Winning – consistently winning, consistently and profitably winning – WEALTH building winning. And, helping traders in my role as the day trading coach – many clients repeat “the best day trader coach”.

A few years later I developed what I love to do most – as a day trader coach – helping traders shift from losing to winning, from so-so income to wealth building income with the Trading WEALTH learning program – designed for troubled investors, swing traders, and day traders to help them get the control and power they need – to shift from big money losers to big money winners.

The Biggest Influences for Change?

  • Losing – it’s humbling, it’s painful, and enough of it in any area of your life, especially trading, and you will get taken out – financially, then emotionally.

  • Big money trickery (what I refer to as: Trickster Analysis – as contrasted with Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis).

  • Recognizing and dealing with Ego and Trader Arrogance, and

  • Panicky traders, providing huge profit opportunities for winning.

What is the Biggest Lesson that you have Learned?

Excellent question for this day trader coach – there are many lessons of course, endless lessons, as all traders experience, but the one that stands out is to learn to trade in a mood of unbiased calm - in near total control, on my terms – absent fear, greed, and distress.

My prospective client advice: either you learn how to day trade stocks, new school, this way or simply get out of the day trading business altogether - quit - or you will surely get killed, and many traders who once ruled the markets have been forced to do just that – change or quit.

To regain your sense of control (confidence, competence, results), for the possibility of big money winning results, every trader needs to stop trading old-school, by learning to trade new-school (with a master trader coach – in months, not years, of practice – to master the new game of day trading stocks).

How did you get Interested in Coaching Other Traders?

At first it was about helping traders end big money losing, as friends, for free. Many suggested going public with a business – as day trader coach, a day trader consultant / coach business. So I did, and I’ve loved doing this for years for a fee.

In my day trading room, we focus on winning, consistently profitable winning, wealth building winning – not the money. Easier said, by far, than done.

How do you Work Together with your Clients?

(phone / email / screen sharing)

All three, but primarily making stock trading calls as setups occur, real-time in our trading room – that is, within seconds of opportunities developing /triggering. Consulting and coaching sessions occur by telephone, using software to exchange information, we have coaching sessions via standard phone or Skype.

What sort of Results do your Clients Get with You as their Coach?

The goal, optimally, $1-3 wins trading 1,000 shares ($1,000 to $3,000 wins), and the eventual results – thousands a day, often thousands a day trade – making hundreds of thousands a year.

For those big money results, you need the best day trader coach, nothing less will do the trick – not old school books, courses, or old school coaches deceptively selling you their products.

New School – Day Trader – Consultant / Coach – that’s who I am and that’s what I offer every trader who comes my way.

For those who have trouble learning to win, that’s every client I’ve ever consulted & coached, we address whatever is stands in their way (personally, professionally, emotionally, energy, attitude, relationship issues, particularly your relationships with yourself, the markets, and your day trading coach), to bridge all performance gaps that arise in the course of day trading stocks in my Trading WEALTH learning program.

What is the Most Satisfying part of Coaching Traders?

As my client’s day trader coach, showing new clients how we end big money losing – then help them become big money winners.

Clients who make it, show gratitude for what we learn and accomplish together in many ways – the one way that gratifies me the most is when they get big money winning results.

What is the biggest but most Easily Fixed Mistake that you see traders make?

Stop big money losing. (As well, replace boring, break-even trading with, again, big money winning)

Do you recommend Journals or other Record Keeping as an important part of trading?

Yes and No.

Yes, to best describe performance limitations, for you and you coach to address and overcome.

No, as for back-testing. Past trades are history. You either win or you lose – then you move on toward winning again.

Would you keep a log on how you are doing with your girlfriend or wife? Of course not – it’s the present and future that counts.

Just practice with your coach – it’s called screen time and be authentic with yourself and your coach for results/goals to be realized, as soon as possible.

What are the Most Common day trading advice Issues?

  • Bias – markets and stocks,

  • Arrogance – forecasting,

  • Trading old-school – obsolete perspective, day trading strategy, & day trading systems,

  • Trading on your own– without consultant / absent your coach – no day trading help,

  • Impatience – the most important day trader virtue of all.

What Advice would you give traders who are just starting out?

Engage my consulting / coaching, of course, work with the best day trader coach to reverse dead-ended results. Avoid anyone selling you an old school book, an obsolete course, or another set of indicators. Most traders waste years with all that old school crap. You need real, results oriented help to change from losing to winning, to at least winning more than you lose, then consistently profitable winning – then wealth building winning 

John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach

Call for your Free Consultation ($500 value)


I’m a believer.

Your stock day trading help, advice, and stock trading calls are right on the money most of the time.

In the beginning I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve got the best day trading coach on the planet.

Thanks John.

John Flynn

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