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“I’ve learned more about the real power of day trading stocks from you, John, in the last 20 minutes, than I have in the last wasted 20 months. 

For me that’s priceless!”

Richard Connors


Master Day Trading Coach

Your Day Trading Stocks Opportunity

Let’s be Clear about:


  • Your very Expensive trading Problem = Big Money Losing.


  • My very Profitable, provable Solution = Big Money Winning.


Your endless Solutions (a rehash of decade old books, another dated course, ongoing babbling YouTube trading videos – fail to fix your Problems, no matter the source – for most, this goes on, without relief, for Years.


Should you qualify, my Solutions work – in Weeks / Months.


You know you want, need, deserve, Winning Results, Now:

Immediately end your suffering, displace that dread  of Big Money Losing

with the joy of Big Money Winning.


 John McLaughlin, StockCoach

Master Day Trading Coach

Stock Trading Coach

 Call me, now: 949-218-4114


This is the best stock trading site, for every troubled stock investor, swing trader, and day trader – to Empower + Enable you to gain (regain) your:




– for

 Big Money Winning Results


 (Day Trading Stocks, NEW School”)



What do you really need for success – for big money winning results?

Stop Losing – Thousands a Trade

Start Winning – Thousands a Trade



You can make this Shift from losing to winning

within months, with the only

Master Day Trading Coach

Empowering + Enabling you

every step on your Learning journey

toward day trading stocks Mastery = Profitability.


Hi, this is John McLaughlin,

Master Day Trading Coach

Welcome Aboard


Day Trading Stocks, NEW School – with

John McLaughlin, Master Day Trading Coach


Your exploding Profitability – is All about Winning, with your master Coach

(Winning day trading Strategy + Systems + measurable Results)


My Purpose, as your Day Trading Coach,

is to Serve you, for you to shift:


From –

Big Money Losing,

 To –

Big Money Winning.


Day Trading Stocks – NEW School


  • A Completely new, cutting Edge, Perspective for Winning,
  • A New day trading Strategy,
  • New stock trading Systems,
  • New day trading Tips + Techniques, that finally Work, for
  • Big Money Winning, and soon, Wealth building Winning.


Pay Attention!  –  Why?

To get what you both what you Want and Need –

that rare opportunity for:


Learning to earn a minimum of

$300K to $500K+ a year.


Authentic, Not Hype – I’ll quickly + objectively

Prove It to you, should you qualify –

[Beginning trading capital required $35K to $50K

(+ start up costs, or about $100K overall),

then $100K trading capital,

then $150K to $200K capital, for optimal results.]



Imagine – being empowering, then enabled, with me as your Master Day Trading Coach, with my day trading systems + day trading tips + stock trading insights – for Big Money Winning results.

Learn to day trade stocks anew to have the Confidence + Competence + big money profit Results – for the rest of your day trading stocks life.



I’m told frequently, this Website is the “best stock trading site” – Why?

First, that’s what clients and visitors say to me after their visit here.

Plus, this site is special as it reveals why traders loose so much, + what it truly takes to shift from Big Money Losing to Big Money Winning, fast.


Globally, losing is pervasive (you are far from being alone).

Over 95% all traders, world-wide, are Losers (just like Las Vegas gamblers, “the house always wins, in the long run”).

As a consultant / coach for decades, this is a problem I’ve solved for traders like you – quickly and closely guiding + enabling clients toward day trading Mastery, to have Big Money winning consistently, the number one result you have long sought, but have not.

As well, I care about traders like you to learn to become calm, powerful winners – in spite of all the “smart” money stock trader trickery – the tricksters who use all that you know and do to kill your performance results – you know – stripping you of your capital.

After 15 years of day trading stocks, my instinctual consulting and coaching works, with plenty of proof + what you can read on this site is all about helping day traders like you create / restore day trader career viability + business profitability, way beyond belief, way beyond your day trading experience.

I know – for you to have optimal stock trading competitiveness, for you to have this potential to explode your day trading income – your stock trading results – seems unlikely, with all the big money losses you’ve suffered. We will change all that.

I also care about you having the control, with virtually distress-free calm – to develop a winner’s mind set, to have the power to learn how to  day trade stock at your absolute winning best (just like you having a world-class coach, mastering your game of tennis, swimming, or golf).

Again, I’ll help you develop world-class competitiveness – for Big Money Winning results, and, get this, in the process, Ending (once and for all – unless you play cowboy) Big Money Losing. There will be losing, just like any sport, any game – but taking these minimal losses immediately – will simply set you free, for Big Money Winning opportunities, ready for you to find to day trade to win, “big time”.

[Please, read the above once again – as no one trades the way my clients and I do, thus, no one can make you such a financially powerful offer of consulting and coaching services for the solid potential of Big Money Winning results – for lasting, wealth building results.]


This can be you – souring financially – winning again.

Your WOW moment – a wake-up call,

Your Opportunity of a Lifetime,

for you to shift your Results

from esteem depleting Losing to

energizing, Big Money Winning.


Your Primary Opportunities:

First – End Big Money Losing,

 Second – Start Big Money Winning.



The day trading stocks Game has dramatically,

and, for most, dreadfully changed,

So have We, completely offsetting this change,

Have You?



Can your day trader dreams come true?

You bet they can/will – You, too, can do this.



This is what you have been trying to do,

on your own, seemingly forever,

but have repeatedly failed to accomplish (powerless) – true?



Ready to move forward, with my help?

Call me for your Free





Want More Proof? Not at all a problem,

Call me at the number above, I’ll prove you quick,

totally objective proof.


Like me years ago, most traders tell me

they have totally failed to get what they really want

–  not any more –

call today, for you to become a big money winner.



So that’s my Offer.

Explode your Performance Results –

in an empowering relationship with me

as your day trading coach –

to learn to trade stocks all over again, but this time,

for Big Money Winning results.



Let’s Talk.

Call me for your Free

Day Trader Career + Business Consultation




 A few words of Caution:

  • Stop Losing Thousands a trade; start Winning Thousands a trade – or don’t trade,

  • Like all world-class athletes, Never day trade without your master Day Trading Coach,

  • Like all services from professionals (attorneys, physicians, consultants, and coaches) – there are:

    • No client performance guarantees,

    • No income guarantees, and

    • No refunds of any fees paid to me for consulting, coaching, or any other services, strategies, and systems.


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