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“I’ve learned more about day trading stock from you John

in the last 20 minutes, than I have in the last 20 months.

Priceless!” – Richard Connors


Day Trading Coach – John McLaughlin, Stock Coach


This is the best stock trading site,

for a stock investor, swing trader, day trader –

to gain (regain):





– for

Big Money Winning,


Day Trading Stocks, NEW School



Stop Losing Thousands a Trade


Start Winning Thousands a Trade


With your

Master Day Trading Coach




Hi, this is John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach –

Welcome Aboard


Day Trading Stocks, NEW School – with

John McLaughlin, Master Day Trading Coach


My Purpose, as your Day Trading Coach,

is to help you shift:


  • From – Big Money Losing,

  • To – Big Money Winning,

Day Trading Stocks – NEW School



Pay Attention!


Learn to trade stocks, anew

To give you the day trading advice,

stock advice with the day trading tips –

to Day Trade Stocks, Successfully

(and very Profitably),

for a Lifetime.




I created this website to be

the best stock trading site, the most

value added of all the stock trading

sites on the Internet, because

I care about you – especially your

day trading stock Career and Business

for you to allow me to help you have

optimal Viability + Profitability.


I care about you finally having

the financial control and the

day trade stocks peace of mind

and power to learn how to

day trade stock at your absolute

winning best (just like a having

a world-class coach for mastering

tennis or golf).


I’ll help you get world-class

competitiveness – for Big Money

Winning results, and, get this, in

the process, Ending (once and for all)

Big Money Losing results.

[Please, read the above

once again – as no one can

make you that powerful an

offer – for lasting,

wealth building success.]



This is your WOW moment, a wake-up call  –

for you to shift your Performance Results:

  • End – Big Money Losing


  • Start Big Money Winning.



Can your day trader dreams come true?

           You bet – You too can do this.

It’s what you have been trying to do, seemingly forever, but have repeatedly failed to accomplish on your own – true?


Ready to move forward?

Call me for your Free

Day Trader Career + Business

Consultation + Stock Advice



Like me years ago,

you have failed to

get what you want –

Winning then

Big Money winning results.


And the big question you have been asking, my guess – Why?

Well, for starters, you’re addicted, my guess, to forecasting (You know, that’s day trader arrogance – your arrogance and all the so-called Web guru’s arrogance you have been relying on, thinking you have all the answers for your success.

Arrogance (Forecasting) kills – your capital + your esteem.

Problem is, arrogance has got you nothing but long term boredom + shocking moments of big money failure, not the success you have been dreaming about.

Plus you have a distractive and financially destructive focus on the money, causing you nothing but fear and greed, while ignoring what you really need:

1. Learn to trade stocks to win, so you need

2. a winner’s perspective

3. A winner’s day trading systems

4. A winner’s day trading strategies

5. With your trading coach – to

6. Empower each daytrader for

7. Big Money Winning results.

Just like professional tennis and golf,

you need a focus on WINNING,

with your master Coach – 

Not a focus on the Purse

Not a Vegas dream of

Getting Rich Quick – 

Not a focus on the Money.

Picture This:

Winners focus on whatever it takes for

consistently profitable Winning

(like all world-class athletes) –

Trade Stock, NEW School

  • new day trader perspective,
  • new stock trading game,
  • new day trading strategies,
  • new day trading systems,
  • with new rules (day trading tips)-
  • developing new habits,

All facilitated with your own

Master day trading Coach,

Best stock trading Site for,

Trading Stocks, Trading Stocks Online,

New Stock Trading Game.

Again, you really need to get this – Winning, trust me on this, only comes by day trading NEW School, in the face of, and taking advantage of, pervasive day trader trickery – with your Master Day Trading Coach.

Your problem and your opportunity is that you trade without a coach, on your own, and you now have the opportunity to be empowered while day trading stocks with the one and only master day trading coach for you to achieve what you need and deserve – consistently profitable day trader winning results.

Sure there are traders, calling themselves coaches, who offer dated courses, write books (stale, the moment of release), and plenty of other who offer innovative, and very time consuming chart indicators and you get endless day trading systems offered all over the internet – but none this stuff focuses on the change you need for big money winning results.

What you do get with these tired, tried and failed day trading approaches is an expensive hobby, at best or, worse case, another capital suck. Eventually you can get energy and esteem depleted, in the ongoing “bight shinny objects” with consistent day ended results. You know what I’m talking about, my guess.

Not a time for humility, with you in need help, right now – fact is – I’m the only stock day trading coach available for you, who has worked with, and innovated with Harvard, Wharton, and MIT guys, mastering both my professional + business consulting and coaching strategies and skills – that I’ve been offer day traders like you, to change your mood and results to those of a big money winner, for you to become a champion in the day trading stocks business.

Why is my day trader value proposition

so Unique?

so Special?


1. Over the years, I’ve mastered the 3 arts of:

  • Consulting executive + businesses
  • Coaching – executives 
  • Daytrading – day trading stock

2. I invented a winner’s approach to day trading stock:

  • End big money losing (personal + financial suffering)
  • New day trading strategies
  • New day trading systems
  • New stock trading game
  • Empowering every day trader client,
  • All engaged with your trading coach.

3. Stock Advice, for a day trader to restore and manage:

  • Esteem feeling good about being a day trader,
  • Energy – ready to aim, then fire, timely, profitable trades,
  • Confidence trust in yourself, trust in your vision, trust in me,
  • Competence – move from incompetence, frustration, failure – to mastery,
  • Performance Results – shift from losing thousands, to winning, thousands a trade.



It’s time to put an end

to this vicious cycle of

Boredom +

Big Money Losing,



End big money losing,

End you financial + emotional suffering. 

Be open to this opportunity

trading with your trading coach,



Start Big Money Winning,


Wealth Building Winning Results.



Let’s Talk.

Call me for your Free

Day Trader Career + Business Consultation

($1,000 Value)




Is this your turn to –

End Big Money Losing,


– displacing that day trader dread with –


Big Money Winning?



Oh, something else I suspect you

haven’t figured out, on your own –

how to make it in this business of

day trading stocks, no matter all

the day trading systems you’ve tested,

the courses you’ve taken, and the

seemingly endless amounts of

money and time expended

to master all the obsolete day

trading strategies you’ve tried,

only to fail – over and over again.


Yes, you have likely failed to

gain the day trader Ability,

the Capacity,

the Power,

for Big Money Winning

to build the foundation for

Wealth Building winning.


Think about this…

No more flash in the pan,

No more bright shinny objects,

No more Las Vegas gambling against the house,

No More Suffering, with endless Big Money Losing.


It’s my goal, my purpose, my ongoing vision

to help each troubled trader who comes my way

(especially helping those who have been beaten and

battered, both financially and emotionally,

like I was for too long a period of time years ago,

day trading stock OLD School) change their

trading performance results, thus, change their life

to have all they have ever wanted and need,

as a day trader Big Money Winner.


My job is provide you with

an Opportunity of a Lifetime,

for every troubled day trader to change

to help all losers, like you,

become Big Money Winners

in the least amount of time,

that both your capital and

your learning potential,

and my stock advice allow.


Yes, my sense of purpose and meaning is optimized,

I feel great, helping traders like you get the success

you seek and deserve.


I refer to this as day trader winning, not a new concept

at all for sports and most business managers / leaders,

but what is pervasively missing in the discourse trading stocks,

daytrading both peacefully and very profitably.


I think you have been totally missing the winners perspective – let me

turn on your daytrading lights with my Trading Wealth Learning Program.

Then let’s focus on you becoming a winner, a Big Money winner.

Let’s get the winning results you want and deserve – then,

for the rest of your actively trading life, be a

Wealth Building Winner

Trading Stocks, NEW School, with this master day trader coach.



So that’s my Offer.

Explode your Performance Results –

in an empowering relationship with me

as your trading coach,

to learn to trade stocks

for Big Money Winning.

(Or, Continue with what you have

in a lousy soup of losing)


Yes – Finally, an opening for

real day trader Success

(Or do nothing for the continuation of what you have been

putting up with, for too damn long.)


Simple, Yes?


Of course, just like all valuable, lasting goals and results you seek in your life.


Sure, for peace of mind (absent of loser distress), for calm and competitiveness, and, about all else, producing Big Money Winning results.

Just like all world-class athletes, golfers and tennis players, and CEOs, as the best examples, you commit time to learn your game with a master coach, no longer day trading stocks on your own.

And, like any game (golf, tennis, football, even the games of business and politics), learning the game of day trading stocks, NEW School, doesn’t happen overnight – learning and success take time.

For my clients, displacing losing habits with winning habits, to master the game, takes roughly 6 months – for some less, for other longer. Everyone learns at a different rate, based on a variety of factors – day trading tools, adequate day trading capital, one’s history of: experiences, developed abilities, attitude, style, risk tolerance, patience, and courage – the list goes on.

That’s the primary reason for trading with this master day trading Coach – to first Learn to Lose (yes, you heard right – all winners need to learn to lose first. It’s part of any personal or business games we play.) Remember your first day on a bike?

Then you rely on your coach to win more than you lose, then consistently win, then, for day traders like you, you can get to the top of your big money game wealth building winning.

You already know, but to be real clear up front, my consulting and coaching, and the results we produce together, are, in no way, another get rich quick scheme. (Go somewhere else, Vegas, for that getting rich overnight stuff – that’s eventually, if not immediately, all about losing (as you’ve discovered, like I did), repeatedly.)


Introducing, for your Discovery,

A Unique Opportunity for Winning


The Trading Wealth Learning Program

Day Trade Stocks – key elements:

  • Day Trading Advice, with unheard of Day Trading Tips,
  • A revolution – in short term day trading services for learning and winning,

  • To quickly regain your confidence & competence,

  • To gain daytrading power, to competitively dominate markets, while you day trade stocks,

  • For big money Winning, then Wealth building, results,

  • Day Trade Stocks (new stock trading game) on your terms, that can,
  • Set you free – to have all you want in your life, for the rest of your life.


The TWLP – “A Life Changer”



Here’s a WOW moment eye opener, for your new

day trading Career and Business, with my help.



Your Income Potential$300K+ a year,

(authentic, I have proof for you)

Ah … finally, Financial Freedom.



How would you like to –

END Financially Vulnerable?

Think – CEO level Income,

without dropping $500K+ for Harvard degrees



The Trading WEALTH learning


What’s Unique, you might be asking?


Where’s the Value?

  • Proprietary, innovative, breakthrough Day Trading Systems,

  • “A Transformation in day trading stocks” – for those who qualify,

  • The competitive Edge and day trade Power, to earn Thousands a trade,

  • Day Trading Control – absent the overwhelm, the distress,

  • Think about these Goals:

    1. $1,000 to $3,000 a trade,

    2. $3,000+ a day,

    3. $300K+ a year.

  • A Fraction of  the Work/Time – Here’s something else to think about:

    1. 3 day work weeks,

    2. 11 weeks off each year,

    3. 2 to 6.5 hour work days (absent: pre & post market research, distress, anything resembling or related to a job or running a business – no boss, no inventory, no receivables, no commuting or traveling, except for pleasure, and best of all, no time robbing meetings),

  • Complete autonomy – with your day trading coach, at your side, every step of the way, learning to generate Big Money Wining results.

    OK, I’ll do the calculating for ya: that’s 6 to 19 hours of day trading per week, 246 to 779 a year – compare that with 40 to 80 hours a week / 2 to 4 thousand hours a year – for your day job or business.

Wow, now that’s a game changer.



End Losing Thousands a trade

Start Winning Thousands a trade


Starting right now – call for your free day trader Consultation

(Value – $1,000 per hour)

Call me:  949-218-4114


Imagine stock day trading with me, using cutting edge, winning systems that give you the world-class competitiveness you have been waiting for, and having your own day trading guide, with all the winner day trading secrets you need for Big Money Winning, Wealth Building Winning.


Day trading Secrets, winner day trader Techniques, the must have day trading Strategies + Tactics – that only the best day traders in the world know about, that only the top 2% winning stock day traders in the world know about – for Big money Winning, for Wealth generating Winning Results.

All this, waiting for the asking, for you to have the day trading freedom and power to

live your life fully, on your terms – as a champion day trader.

[All this was missing for me back in 2002, when I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars – innocently, but arrogantly and painfully – and, my guess, for you – not having all this, right now – is what you have been dreaming about, every trading day, as you continue to day trade OLD School.]


How to be a day trader (a pattern day trader), Day Trading Stock, NEW School?

Transformational – Day Trading Strategiies


Day trading NEW School simply means changing your day trading Game, beginning with your Day Trading Strategy.

As you read every word on this page, begin to think very seriously about having a goalof thousands a day – but, this time trading with a WINNER‘s day trading Strategynot distracted with Arrogance, not distracted with a focus on the Money.

You can achieve those gains, advantages, and more – with me as your day trading coach, guiding you to tradeall the big money making opportunities we discover together, in our winner‘s day trading room.

Think, longer term, cumulatively, hundreds of thousands a year (yes, CEO level income) – now that’s real daytrading power, day Trading Wealth power – right here, waiting for a traders like you with the qualifying capital, the passion, the commitment, and the determination to learn to win for you to have it all.

I’m talking big money winning, wealth building winning – for you to have it all in life –

financial freedom, wealth building competence to live your life optimally, fully

and the philanthropic power to serve others around you in need.



The day Trading Wealth learning program:

“It’s a Game Changer


Your Trading Stock – Game Changer!


Why you MUST read this entire page…

You need to read this page from top to bottom – very carefully.


This page is all about YOU – a hungry, lusting for day trading success trader or investor – aspiring to get exactly what you want and need – Winning (then Wealth building Winning).

This page is power-packed with critical stock market day trading services and information that every investor, swing trader, and day trader needs right now, just to survive what the markets (big money, smart money, market makers) are throwing at you, tricking you, and, yes, when you least expect it – killing you, both financially and emotionally.

You and I both know what big money losing is all about, from firsthand experience – like me: stock day trading in the past, with enormous forecasting arrogance, then pig headed thinking “I’ll get all the money back I lost” – a fool’s game.

Our first goal is for you to bring to an end to Big Money Losing.

I want you to be seriously pondering,

as you absorb all the content of this page –

How you (the pattern day trader)


I (the master day trading coach)

working seriously and passionately together:


  • Put an end to all the big money Losing crap, you’ve been putting up with,

(Once and for All –

not with another book,

not another course,

and not another indicator)

  • With pure, big money day trading Earning Competitiveness, Power,

  • To have Big Money Winning prevail.


Investing, swing trading and day trading (trading stocks that is) –

isn’t much fun anymore – is it?



You have lost your Competitive Edge!

From the beginning, you have never had a competitor’s edge, true?

Losing day traders – often ask me:

[Note: I use the word loser to describe any trader blowing out accounts, breaking even, or not making much more than $50K/year – more on that later…]

  • “What happened to my day trade stocks dream of making lots of money with stocks?”

  • “What happened to the promise of making a killing in the stock markets?”

  • “What happened to my confidence?”

  • “What am I missing here (who’s making it, on all my big money losses)?”

  • “What’s the real source of my not being able to make it in this business?”

  • “Why did I become an investor or day trader anyway, if this is all I get?”

  • “I don’t know how to make big money anymore!”

I here this and more, repeatedly, from traders like you who call me every day, looking for the answers – asking me for help – to turn things around, from big money losing, to big money winning.

“What happened to my pile of money, my trading capital, my retirement (during the last 3 stock market crises)?”

Gone, up to half your capital each market crashing cycle, and, for most, losing much more every few years – vanished, along with your sense of self-worth (your dignity), and your dreams for your future, especially for retirement.

The result – when the markets and trader/investor wealth take a big hit – most money managers + hedge fund traders get hit like this, and many Wall Street bankers now feel virtually powerless – when it comes to investing, swing trading, and day trading stocks, as wealth implodes – evaporates.

“It’s like a roller coaster of gradual small money winning, then short term big money losing, John.”

For others, their performance is break-even or they earn so-so income at best. Let’s just call it boring, from a return on your capital perspective. Investing or trading OLD School is extremely distressful, heart pounding stressful as you suffer the effects of repeated big money losses – all the while, trading on your own or through your money manager.

Traders tell me they want to change all that, right now – overnight, if they had the choice. But you and they don’t have a fat chance in hell of turning this crap around.

How can I be so sure of that, you might ask?

Here’s how – (you are not alone, by the way – think of the reports

estimating over 95% of all traders worldwide are losers).

Think about this: who or where have you heard just one day trading success story, from anyone, even the media covering stock market day trading these days?

None. Nada – certainly not like the pre-Tech Bubble crash times, when everyone was packing the money away in seemingly endless market and stock price explosions in profitability.

By recently, I’m talking since the 2000 Tech Bubble. Virtually no one’s making serious money short term stock trading or long term investing, and there is a simple answer as to why and I’ll get into that in a bit.

I have never had just one investor or day trader call me with a success story – no matter all the books they’ve told me they read, seemingly endless courses they’ve paid thousands for, on the Internet or some conference center, they tell me they’ve taken.

On the contrary, most are pissed-off – having blown through seemingly endless cash on education, training, so-called coaching – whatever the products and services you buy to become successful

and never do – no matter how intense you try.

In the beginning they seem to work a bit, then you slip into being a loser, all over again.

It’s a vicious cycle of small wins, for a short while, as you give the new system a try; then your performance, once again, returns, you experience dreadful losing – too many big money losses.

You “can’t put up with this any longer”, you’ve said to yourself, my guess. You think – “it’s obvious I need something to change, as whatever I’m up to doesn’t seem to work in the long run. I’m just about ready to quit trading” (or you have already quit).

Traders, like you, tell me they are either bored stiff with ho-hum income results, or are suffering, no, shocked, by the big losses they get, exactly when they least expect to lose, as the big money traders always win. Many say they are getting their asses kicked – repeatedly blowing out trading accounts.

Whatever their story, the point is that most traders just like you have had it and you’re now ready to do just about anything at this point to turn things around – in your favor, of course – to recover your losses, then make real money again.

Or, eventually they’ll be forced to quit – before they get financially wiped out or emotionally taken out, or both.

You may have heard – the brain does not like ongoing losing.

Ask anyone who has just gone through a bankruptcy or a divorce. They need a month on a paradise island to recover.

Some never recover from overwhelming, sustained losses.

Our veterans, for example, returning from wars with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Repeatedly suffering big money trading losses is no less stressful with similar incapacitating outcomes for persistently losing day traders.

You know what that means – you get depressed, as your overall health then worsens – you feel like your life is empty and meaningless, devoid of the light and energy – absent the joy of winning, absent your normal, balanced self as your meaning for living – winning – has died as trading “takes you out”.

I don’t want that for you and I’m sure you can, and probably already do, agree with me, having patiently read this far.

So let’s drop that nasty subject and get back to the subject of your learning to win.



The Pure Joy of Consistently Profitable Winning

Well, you’re invited to my how to be a day trader party – where we can fix all that, with my what is day trading help systems – working seriously together, for you to have the day trading power you deserve – for as long as you can move the mouse and read your charts, and as long as companies need to sell stocks – think forever.

Not everyone makes it in the day trading stocks business, however; not every trader can turn their ship around to head for the day trading success port of call – for a variety of reasons that can or cannot be resolved with this coach.

But, for those with me that do become successful, you can gain the power and wealth you seek (and plenty left over for those around you to help them get what they want and need in life) – to have whatever you want, as I said before, on your terms – for the rest of your online day trading life.

You are about to discover why day traders lose– why you lose – so much, so fast – (why I lost so much, so fast, years ago) and the day trading secrets I discovered the hard way about day trading stocks, shifting from OLD School to NEW School – what it takes for any day trader loser like you to win again, then big money winning, then wealth building winning.

You too can learn to dominate the stock market day trading (don’t think for a moment this is some frivolous or hollow claim) – with a fresh day trading perspective, transformed day trading strategies, new, simple, yet cutting edge day trading systems, plus day trading tips, secrets, tricks, and unique day trading techniques – so simple and yet so challenging and power packed – yet, your competitors have never heard of, let alone understand, but which you must implement to ever become a big money winner.

The Investor, Swing Trader, and Day Trader Games –

have all Changed, to your distinct Disadvantage.


(But, to the huge advantage of the relatively few tricksters

who financially and emotionally kill the rest, YOU,

whenever they like – and you let them.

Not any more…)


I’m not telling you anything new here

about losing and winning.


You know from long, hard experience,

in other areas in your life and

while you invested in and traded stocks

or any other financial instruments

the past 15 years.


But you still don’t know why you lose – so much, so fast.

I want you to begin to seriously think about why you lose, why you have those big money losses (as you are lulled into thinking you are successful, with lots of chump change wins), so you can begin to learn how to make the big money trades again, with my help.

Most traders still learn how to day trade stocks the old way, what I call old-school – that results with frequent big money losses, rarely, if ever, big money wins.

My clients and I change all that, and so can you, again, with this day trading coach’s help, why? – for big money winning to be the norm.

Most of you have figured one thing out for sure – you’re no longer have even a hope of big money winning (or you will come to this realization, soon enough, as you keep reading).

My day trading advice: You must change all this, now, or you will eventually get killed by the “smart money” traders, the tricksters.

Getting killed, suffering big money losses, is why most daytraders actually have learned to hate trading, yet they continue on, following the crowd, relying on another obsolete book and yet another trading course, focused on knowledge, indicators, and picks for the day – still caught up in losing, then think about getting even, then, often times, in a mood of rage they beat themselves up with endless, pitiful negative self talk (which gets them a greater loss, the next time), then the one thing that takes us out for good – emotional suffering, leading to all sorts of physical and emotional ailments, worst case being – depression).

For guests in our day trading room, what you can do with this coach – generate thousands a day – seems like magic compared to what they’ve been experiencing (mediocre income, break-even results, and, for most, blowing out account after account – remember: all are the 3 types of traders I term “The Losers“). No offense, mind you, just my way of best describing most trader’s results.

By the way, if you’re thinking that my talking with you about what is day trading stocks for a living with Power for Wealth building might just be hype or hooey… well then, as they say – “You’re a special kind of idiot” (to ignore your trading situation and this huge opportunity for turning your trading around, from big money losing to big money winning).

Think again.

Below, I’ll be talking with you about – how I can help take you to financial and emotional heights – that I suspect you have never heard of, let alone experienced, before.

OK – just kidding with you about being an idiot comment; we all feel like idiots when we lose big, more so, when we miss huge opportunities for day trading success.

Just because someone hasn’t figured out what needs to change to be a winner, doesn’t mean they’re an idiot. It simply means they have yet to discover their trading game has changed, dramatically, forever.

It means, simply, they have not learned to play the new trading game, nor have they traded with a master coach – preferring to go it alone, in the dark, continuously trading old school.

Most losing day traders are content, tranquilized actually, into believing that they are okay, trading as usual (actually blind to secrets they are missing – strategies, systems, and tricks they need to make big money with the best online stock trading player) waiting for things to somehow “turn around” on their own or with some luck, “get a break”, or “change my luck”.

It’s not obvious why we continue in this hope talk crap, preferring to wait for a break, and go on losing so much. It’s much the same as the worker waiting for the boss to give him or her a raise, or the guy hoping for the right gal to come along – I’m not going to touch the other hope we have about religions or politics.

It wasn’t so obvious for me back then, either, when I remained in hope of winning, while I lost hundreds of thousands in a matter of months.

As I think back, stock day trading with enormous arrogance (as I read all the books and took all the courses – pretending to be the know it all), trading in fear, at times with anger and then rage – all smothered in typical how to be a day trader greed & hope.

Sound a little familiar?

We are greedy animals, after all; of course, you know that.

Losing traders are way too busy worrying about not losing (just about every trade), than they could be, in learning what it really takes to win – what you need to be able to have the capacity, the confidence, the competence, the strategies for big money winning – that, when done often enough, leads to financial freedom, for eventual wealth building winning.


Investors, Swing Traders & Day Traders –


End – Big Money Losing,


Start – Big Money Winning!


The Secrets for Winning?

The truth is that it’s not magic to consistently earn thousands a trade, $3K+ a day, $300K+ a year.

All it takes is adequate capital and a passion to learn (change) to become a consistently profitable winner. with your master day trading coach.


Your Master Day Trading Coach

And, you guessed it, no longer trading on your own, but with a master day trading coach – making this all real, as soon as your capital and learning allow. As a client you can take advantage of over 25 years of my consulting and coaching experience as: a mortgage banker; a commercial, industrial, and residential real estate advisor; an executive (CEO) advisor; and a business strategy development consultant – and for 15 years a master day trader coach.

(Note: I am not another so-called guru, who declares himself a coach by writing a course or a book, who tries to sell you another product or service, that just keeps you busy, repeating what you know how to do real well, losing.)


Day Trader Losing

Here’s your first money losing clue: the source of all big money losing.

Losing lies between your ears – it’s YOU – your perspective, your beliefs, your habits, day trading stock.

No – it’s not so much the stock markets, it’s not so much the competition, it’s not your so much your computer, or the latency of your data feed, nor your software – no, on the contrary it’s YOU.

For example, and this may surprise you, most of what you’ve learned to be successful with a career (job) or in business, especially what you may have learned in business schools, including MBA programs, are at the source of day trading failure – that is, big money losing, in the long run.

Huh? That’s right – more about this when you become a client.

Another thing you might be interested in hearing – nearly all traders I talk with – be it investors, swing traders, and, of course, day traders – are surprisingly successful in the beginning of their trading careers – until they get their ass kicked by the tricksters, or they sabotage their own performance with forecasting arrogance.

That’s when reality sets in and they begin to lose big time – day trading stocks, OLD School. When they’ve had enough of that – months, years later – they discover who I am and give me a call for help.

You’ll hear me tell you this over and over again, until it sinks in, until I know you’ve got it – what you do or did in business in not necessarily what you want to be doing while day trade stock, especially the forecasting crap – no one really knows where prices will be next, beyond a few seconds. Think about what I just said – seconds.

So, unlike how I got to this realization, after losing a small fortune – the hard way – I want you to short-cut the shift from losing to winning, so you don’t have to go through what I went through, learning the long, hard way.

I want to help you cut your learning curve time down to size, for you find yourself in winners seat in a matter months, not years, not what you likely have now – never. I want you to bypass the huge capital + emotional drain it cost me, to learn to win real time, instinctually – so you can have this level of winning, big money winning, real for yourself.

And, I want you to help you, empower you, to accomplish this success at a fraction of your investment costs of starting any other home business, in any industry, anywhere.

After getting my ass*, my ego, and my capital wrecked – after I quit the day trading game – I then “consulted” myself, as an observer of the markets – not while day trading.

Back then, after I “hit bottom”, after observing what was really going in markets and both the risks and potential rewards for traders, for this day trader in particular, I quickly figured out what both the winner’s and the loser’s trading games are really all about. I got real clear about what was present for my dreadful, powerless losing business and what must be present for me to have a “kick ass” business for big money winning.

I’ve been sharing and will continue to share with you both the loser’s and the winner’s day trading stocks business distinctions – for you to choose to be empowered by my day trader consulting and coaching to have what I’ve discovered and developed to be the most rewarding and, of course, most profitable solo business possible.



A Transformation in Trading Stocks

My clients day trade stocks NEW-School, no longer on their own, but right along with their master day trading coach – like world-class athletes (football, basketball, tennis, golf), learning to focus on winning (not the money). Ask the best athlete in his sport how he or she became a winner and you’ll find that what was needed was a game change, empowered toward success with the best coach in the game.

You won’t hear what I just shared with you in trading or investing books, in courses, CD’s, or anywhere else on the Web, except right here from this day trading coach and this day trading stocks website.

You need to focus on winning with a master winner coach, not focused on getting rich quick.

If you have ever been a winning athlete, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But, when it comes to trading financial instruments, we as traders don’t get what it takes to win.


It’s winners speak that’s missing.

It’s how masters of sports, business, and politics, and even war makers think – it’s not personal, it’s not the money – it’s all about Winning.

The key word for any winner here is change – change from what you know from long, hard experience, that no longer works and, from my and your experience, frankly, will never work – to a very focused, yet simplified, NEW-school day trading systems that always work. Thus, ending big money losing, forever, and have big money winning your new reality, your new norm.

The new norm – WINNING, more so than losing, then consistently profitable winning, then Wealth building winning.

Now, for me and my clients – losing is still part of our game, but big money losing is not – it’s history. For you to have that your new reality would be a huge breakthrough in performance results, agreed?

You can learn to use our day trading systems that can give you an income potential of $300K+ a year – a real breakthrough – available (but not cheap, and not too expensive either, considering the benefits and potential for big financial gains – for years and years to come) for those with the passion, commitment, patience, and determination to learn to win, really win, big money winning – lifelong, wealth building winning.

Now that’s a breakthrough for you in the waiting, ya think?

So, what are you waiting for?

Call me for your Free day trader Career / Business

Consultation ($1,000 value)



No, it’s not a fluke to win like this. It’s challenging, committed hard work in need of your patience to learn to trade well, patience to trade when the markets offer few if any real trading opportunities, patience to become this winner I’ve been talking with you about – for you to have winning a huge part of your life, to change your life to have all you have ever wanted, and then some.

For me, I discovered stock day trading winning by accident – experiencing a breakthrough in understanding the source of all big money losing – for the possibility of big money winning, only after getting killed myself by the tricksters.

You don’t need or want to go through all that crap, that suffering, that money drain.

(With this new awareness about losing and winning, I then consulted and coached myself. I know that sounds weird, being both the coach and the client, but consulting and coaching are what I’ve been trained and practiced to do extremely well for the past 25 years or so in other careers like banking, real estate, business strategy development, etc. So, knowing what was missing and providing solutions for me to consult and coach myself to win was rather easy, frankly. I’m not going to try to explain. As they say, trust me – you can, and you should for your day trader career and business success.)

It’s real online and offline day trading Power I’m talking with you about – what I call the day Trading Wealth learning program – with me as your personal day trading coach.

But, missing for you, for now, but not for long, if you act to take care of yourself, is developing, at an accelerated pace, your lucrative career, your very profitable (potential, but no guarantee) day trading business vitality, with my help.

We can fix all that losing that’s pissing you off right now for you to be empowered to discover this day trader wealth building potential.

My day trading systems are laser focused on getting you real money wins – absent the noise, absent the arrogance, and most all the other distractions that stunt learning and big money earnings.

Forget distress, as well. End the pervasive mood of hope you’re accustomed to stock day trading with, as you beg for prices to come your way.

Daytrading like a beggar, you know, is neither dignified, nor fun. So, allow me to help you stop all that – as you build your new vision, your new performance results for winning.

To win, you need to learn how to day trade in a mood of calm, in an energized state with your day trading coach right there to guide and support you every step of the way for confidence, on your path to competence, then a level of performance mastery, then and only then, comes consistently profitable winning – winning in near total control, as you day trade with nearly every call I make, guiding your entries and exits – in our day trading room.

No book, no CD, nothing to memorize – just a sincere, caring, power-filled partnership for learning, mastery, and winning results, big money winning results.

I want you to learn to trade with me to have the Power, the Mastery, on your terms, for full advantage over the competition – for optimal financial results.



What Do Day Traders HATE?

(Financial Pain and Emotional Suffering.)



What do Daytraders really WANT & NEED?



My Offer:

Pure, Simple, Powerful, and Authentic –

(with Proof, should you qualify)

Consistently Profitable Winning,


Wealth Building Winning.


The day Trading Wealth learning program is truly a game changer for investor and day trader losers, for all troubled traders to relatively quickly shift from big money losing to consistency profitable, big money potential winning.

Clients know me as problem solver, an innovator, and an intuitive, masterful day trader.

I provide just the right consulting (direction) and coaching (competence building) to help you change your day trading game, thus change every aspect of your life, for to you to soon have what you have always wanted – big money Winning – for a satisfying, joy-filled lifestyle of Wealth building.

And the best part is that very few of your competitors (over 98% of all traders) will ever have a clue about your new day trading Power… until it crushes them.

The fact is, there’s never been a better time for you to leverage the secrets you’ll discover in this new, cutting-edge Trading WEALTH learning program.


The Independence of Daytrading NEW School


More Wins,

then Financial Freedom


Consistent Winning,

then, Wealth Building Winning.


That’s what you can get – faster, easier and with far less risk that you ever imagined.

Get on the winning side of the trades with the Trading Wealth program and learn to dominate the stock markets with ease and power like never before, using my secrets, day trading tips and tricks, day trading systems, your competitors don’t even know exist!

When you learn how to day trade NEW school, when you learn to dominate the stock markets (when you get individual stock day trade results, often yielding $1,000 to $3,000 a trade, and at times more), you can pretty much write your own ticket to wealth building (that you had no chance of getting alone – on your own).

When you’re out in front of something this big, you’ll be one of very few day traders who really gets it – who gets what it’s all about having this extreme value opportunity to become a wealth builder.


Here’s my Story

Does this sound like you?

“I know how to day trade online , John…I’ve taken more daytrading courses and read more books than you have… Why the heck would I want to worry when I’m doing just fine as is? I just need the markets to pick up a little and my luck to change – to turn this whole thing around, without your stuff, on my own, thank you.”

Truth be told, that’s the way I thought years ago… that is, until I started thinking about (then discovering) exactly why I lost so much, so fast and earned so little, so slowly – as a daytrader.

I think I said something to myself like, “So, what are the markets and stocks really doing? – when I lose lots of money, in just a few minutes (while thinking how to regain my calm, then – bam! I’d get taken out once again)?”

I thought, “Who the hell is taking all my freekn money? Every time my day trade fails, whenever I get slammed with a big money loss, I’d wonder – who’s sucking away all my money away from me?” My victim thinking.

And then I asked myself, “What do I need to do to be intraday trading on the winner’s side of the trade?” What will it take for me to become a big money winner again?

Oh how naive I was back then!

Ironically, I was buying a ton of: “what is day trading, learn how to day trade online, how to be a day trader, how to day trade, how to day trade stock, become a day trader” books and courses and all the other stuff you buy online – on how to be a successful daytrader. None of this ever did or ever will help me become a winner I discovered, at great expense of my time and money.

I took more of the “best day trading” courses, yet I still kept right on losing far more than winning, and as my losing accelerated with greed and fear, I day traded with despair, then more often with anger.

I don’t want that for you. You, for sure as hell, don’t want any more of that for you.

I traveled to expensive how to be a day trader expos, absorbed and endlessly practiced everything in all the daytrading books, CD’s and DVD home study courses, and filled journals with my intraday trading notes from all this stuff. With all this information and technical analysis mumbo jumbo, I was prepared to write my theses, to graduate from any university of day trading – of course, there isn’t one, that I’m aware of.

You name it, I did it, just like you, but I was still blowing through cash, day after day, as well, burning through my brain – indignance, bitterness, anger, and, on occasion, rage.

So, winning isn’t at all about acquiring information from so-called teachers or gurus, is it?

I did all that and I failed miserably. Why? Books and courses take years to develop, thus, in a fast changing industry of computer traded stocks, all this information becomes obsolete fast, in many cases, overnight.

Nor does a Google search for any of the popular terms like: what is day trading, day trading stocks, day trade stock, stock day trading, day stock trading, best online stock trading, day stock trading, how to day trade stocks, high frequency trading, how to day trade, day trading for a living, day trading online – give you the answers you need to end big money losing. They don’t even ask the question.

Nor, how to get big money winning results – that is until now, as you got to this site and get to hear about my consulting and coaching, for you to shift from big money losing to big money winning – day trading stocks, NEW School.

Google does not show you anything even close to what you really want to do – big money WINNING.


Daytrading (Intraday Trading) – with

John McLaughlin, master Day Trading Coach,

Where Big Money Winning set you up for a lifetime of

Wealth Building Winning.

To a daytrader, when all is said and done, winning is all that really matters; repeat – it’s not the money, – it’s winning that counts, no matter what you might be thinking about otherwise and being distracted about in the making money aspects of trading. (Think those thoughts, if you insist, during “non trading time”, but certainly not while actively trading stocks.)

Like sports, it’s not the purse; it’s all about winning points, one point at the time.

Ask any world-class athlete, like golfer Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods or a CEOs, like GE’s Jack Welch or IBM’s Lou Gerstner.

They too discovered right away that they can’t be thinking about the money for one second while performing at their peak, or POOF, they are off their game – strategy, systems, execution – it’s all gone, along with profitability and other distracting scores of success.

And, yes, winners (athletes or CEOs) all work with master coaches – who engage them in what it takes to get to the top and stay on the top or their game – winning.

In the day trading game, any day trading online game, the focus must be on winning the trade, one day trading opportunity at a time, one stock trade at a time – nothing more, nothing less.

For my clients, it’s all about learning to play the NEW School trading game, to master big money day trade winning – to get to and stay at the top of their day trading game.

The point to all this? – you need to change your game, then gain the competence, to be empowered for a lifetime of Wealth Building with this coach – for you and those you care about to benefit, for as long as you can click a mouse…forever.

It’s about day trading for a living developing the power for Wealth building – to bring out in you, in time, with practice, the intuitive ease, absent distress (while ending all the big money losses for good – no longer having your dignity at risk, in the disgusting act of big money losing) – just focused on what you need and wantbig money Winning.

Yes, for every aspiring, how to be a day trader, it’s all about one thing and one thing only, big money winning, with wealth building winning to follow!

And the best part is, very few other investing, swing trading, or day trading losers – your competitors – know much, if anything, about this either.

The NEW school, day Trading WEALTH learning program I’m talking about – with its unique, yet simple day trading rules, day trading strategies, day trading tips, day trading techniques and day trading systems – are the new beginning in day trading education and performance results you need – NOW!

Take advantage of this, while you can.

Be one of the few to figure this out and gain the confidence and competence to stay out front, then ride the tidal wave, in an ocean of day online trading possibilities – for as long as it takes the competition to catch up, if that’s at all possible.

Of course once you get out front, it will be easier to stay far ahead with your own Consultant/Coach by your side, endlessly seeking out the best day trading stock opportunities for you to trade, with the goal of $1 to $3 wins – all the while avoiding (ending) all the big money losses.

When you take on this fresh perspective, when you learn this cutting-edge day trading strategy, day trading systems, and tactics the day Trading WEALTH learning program and my coaching affords, you’ll be on your way to being a master daytrader and a master of your money, mood, and game, an empowered pattern day trader, trading on your terms, in a market full of newbies and seasoned professional traders alike (you right now and all your competitors – engaged in all this OLD School, loser nonsense) .



Making Big Money in the Stock Markets –

Has Never Been Easier – but Challenging, for sure.

Adequately capitalized, with the passion and will to learn to win, you can soon be fully engaged in all the benefits of the Trading WEALTH Learning program, empowered with my guidance (consulting) and support (coaching), you’ll have an almost unfair advantage over your competitors.

Check out the free information below to see what you need to learn to become a winner. It’s all free from me to you, for your benefit – for life long value.

There is absolutely nothing else like this anywhere on the Internet, on the planet.

Thanks for your patience, but please keep reading to see exactly what you’ll be learning when you take advantage of this unique, wealth generating opportunity in day trading (not high frequency trading, HFT, by the way).

The Trading WEALTH Learning program is the most comprehensive, cutting-edge intraday trading breakthrough in day trading training since the beginning of electronic trading – allowing a home-based pattern day trader to profitably compete with the best traders in the world.

Together, we will cover every aspect of daytrading imaginable and beyond, enabling you to become a wealth building winner in just 6 months, and for some, far less, and yes, for some, longer – as change/learning happens differently for each trader.

The greatest trader virtue = patience.


Your Day Trading Practice


My Services = Huge Opportunity




The Day Trader Crisis – A Time for Change

Day Trade – Problems

Day Trader – Solutions

Income: limited income job, hassles, boring, stressful, dead-ended job or business potential. Day Trade: become a day trader with unlimited income potential – become a big money winner, day trading for a living.
Retirement: funds 50% depleted – incompetent advisers, obsolete game. Day Trading Practice: fire your adviser; learn how to day trade your own funds, in control, on your terms.
Wealth: excessive personal and financially draining risks, lousy income producing results. Gain Power: shift – from losing to winning, from out of control to complete control, with stellar financial results.
Losing: 98% of all traders are Losers. Learn to Win: become a Wealth building Winner.

Stocks Day Trading

The Bad News + the Good News

Fist, the Bad News (as though you haven’t heard enough bed news)


Who are the 4 Types of (Day Trading Stocks) Losers?

  • Repeat Losers — crash (personally) and burn (financially), then quit,
  • Big money Losers — blowing out account after account,
  • Break-even traders — bored, more like a hobby
  • So-so income “Winners” — earning far less than $100K a year

Now can you see why the stock markets are bloated with losers? (I estimate at in excess of 98% of all traders – worldwide. Yes, including the Wall Street / Hedge Fund crowd.)

Who are some of these stock day trading losers?

  • Let’s start with your old-school retirement fund advisers.

[Have you ever heard of any adviser who got you out of the market

before it crashed through 40 to 50%, or more, of your retirement funds?]

  • How about old-school mutual fund money and the hedge fund managers?
  • How about all the independent OLD school investors, swing traders, and day traders?

That was me a decade or so back.

And, I suspect, that’s YOU, right now.

In lock step, 100% of the daytrader crowd experienced these dreadful, net worth stripping results during “Crash of 87″, again during the 2000 “Tech Bubble” and the recent 2009 “Real Estate Bubble” – otherwise labeled the “Financial Crisis” – and to this day, refusing to abandon obsolete, OLD-school day trading strategies and systems, traders leave themselves vulnerable to a repeat, as bubbles and people’s wealth are allowed to come and go as though it were just another tornado passing through, that we must put up with, and then get over it and move on, somehow.

Well bubbles and crises in the financial world don’t happen by accident. They are, in my and your experience, intentionally designed by big money – to strip the little guy of his/her resources – the former is what I refer to as smart trickster-ism, the latter their victim.

Well, we’re not “going to put up with that” deceptively disguised wealth transference any longer. No, we are not the least bit interested, and have designed systems to prevent, Big Money Losing.


The 3 Primary Reasons – Traders Lose

As mentioned, after I lost hundreds of thousands in just a few months during 2002, I quit trading.


I was beaten financially; battered emotionally.

I was a day trader train wreck and not fun to be with, frankly.

Soon after I stopped daytrading, I discovered the source of my losing, for that matter, the primary source of ALL losing – and exactly what it would take to be a winner again.

Seemingly, a miracle, at the time – but, after years of being aware of what’s really going on within the financial industry, I/we see all this as opportunities for winning.

As I share the 3 primary reasons for Losing, why all day traders lose today, see how you relate with each, as a trader, and begin to think about how you are going to end your big money losing.

First Reason for Losing:


Playing (trading) the Loser‘s Trading Game

My day trading strategies and day trading systems were OLD school, obsolete, dead-ended – my losing trading game, was much like trying to beat Tiger Woods in his game of golf with a tennis racket. I was busy, lost lots of ball, including my own, then quit when I hear the bystander laughter – metaphorically speaking.

The two primary modalities for all daytrading, fundamental analysis and technical analysis, were failing me and I ignored, or was blind to, the 3rd perspective for day trading – what I call Trickster analysis getting killed financially and emotionally by their “all-knowing” software.

Specifically, the tricksters are all the market makers and market movers, what I refer to as Smart Money traders – the billionaires on Wall Street and around the world who trade for one purpose, and one purpose only – to kill the 98% losers (me back then and you, likely, right now). And let’s not think the losers only make up retail traders, on no – they comprise all traders who persist on trading OLD school.

Wow, that’s a simple yet hidden reason for losing, yes?

Now you know.

The solution?

Change to the Winner‘s Game – With my Help


I changed from the OLD school trading game to the NEW school trading game.

I invented the new game – for me to stop big money losing, then to learn to start big money winning, and now for you to have that opportunity to do likewise, with my help.

It was, back then, and it is right now, the only way known to shift from big money losing to big money winning.

Next, if you want big money winning, you need to trade with a master day trading coach, “the best day trading coach” – who plays the new game, the winner’s game masterfully.

Then and only then, when you change your game, can you gain the day trading confidence, the day trade competence – to consistently generate high profit performance results.

So, you can see, there’s only one catch for day trading success… you cannot do this ON YOUR OWN.

This leads into the big reason for losing.


Second Reason for Losing, guess what?


No Coach, day trading On Your Own

The second reason for all my big money losing was ME – trading as an arrogant, greedy loner!

Trading blind to the new trading game and the need to learn, gain the competence, for big money winning.

I was day trading from home, that is, on my own – with no consultant for developing a winning day trading strategy (a big money making direction) and no coach to help me learn to win.

There I was this powerful consultant and coach for others in business, with no clue that these principles needed to be implemented for my trading game, in order to shift from losing (big money losing) to winning (big money winning).

I was focused on, to put it bluntly – I was obsessed with the Money, while I should have been focused on Winning.

After years as a Consultant/Coach for CEOs back then, as a day trader – I had lost my way for learning and winning, when it came to my new career of day trading stocks.

I was so hell bent on getting rich (making lots of money, very fast) that, after losing excessively, I focused on getting even – getting back all the money I had lost and then some. That didn’t happen either. So I had to quit, due (much more so) emotionally than financially.

As you will discover below, to become a success as a day trader you must shift your focus from the money to the winning.

Just like the focus of a highly paid, world-class athletes, a CEOs, or a powerful politicians (well, maybe not a politicians, given their lack popularity – trust, these days – obstructionism is not a career, it’s a disease on any progress for our country) you need to shift focus from the purse (the income pay off) to winning.

For that possibility to come about, you need now, like I needed back then – world-class Consulting and Coaching – Consulting to get you in the winner’s game, and Coaching to become masterful playing the game of day trading stocks.

Think about it.


All Success, in any area of life, is about Winning.

  • Relationships

  • Business

  • Sports

  • War


Because everything we do on our own,

and with others, are just the games we play,

the same goes for day trading

any financial instrument.



The trading Games we Play – Key Success Elements:

  • There’s a Purpose or Point for playing any game,

  • A Strategy (Direction),

  • The Rules and Tactics,

  • Integrity – playing by the Rules – fair or unfair play,

  • You Win or you Lose (success and failure).

  • There’s a Beginning & and there is an End – like the biggest game of all, your life.

That’s the big picture for all games – simple to see, and I think you know what I mean.

My purpose for talking with you right now about “game theory”. Applying these simple rules to the game of day trading stocks – to help you shift from being a so-so trader, a losing trader, to becoming a consistently profitable winner – in the best career/business game ever is in my view.

The day trading strategy itself is simply – consistently profitable winning, and nothing less, again – money accumulation is not a strategy, it’s simply the result of the strategy of winning.


Not being aware of both the old game and new games of trading, from the beginning of my trading days, became my rude awakening back then – becoming a loser was my, and now your, guaranteed outcome.

This is exactly why I now share all this with you – for you to understand, so that you too can take charge – to clearly see that you must change your perspective and your whole approach, your game, to day trading stock (trading any financial instrument) for you to get what all traders really want – Winning.

Day trading success is not about finding stale day trading tips from the talking heads or the so-called gurus. That’s all obsolete, old school crap that will just keep you busy learning how to do one thing better – big money losing.

No one makes it, no one gains big success in any important area of life on their own; every big-time winner has a consultant/coach – for guidance and competence building – for winning.

For me to get consulted and coached, to continue to learn to be a winner – I got this by consulting and coaching others – ever since the lights came on about big money losing and winning.

Getting the picture?

Now, let’s look at the 3rd reason for losing – distractions, the noise.


Third Reason for Losing:


Being Distracted by all the Noise

Think about all the noise you experience, from seemingly endless sources of so-called experts – pre, post, and during market hours, especially when you are executing trades.

Think about all those indicators, all those so-called picks of the day you pay for, and all the news coming at you from many media sources you busy yourself with for hours a day – thinking this is what I need to make big money. Think again.

Endless information flow from TV and the Internet – loaded with opinions and forecasts – all the stock picks from various services that losing day traders love to collect, in hopes of acting on, for that big money – all the while, blind to what it takes for the real, big money winning opportunities.

Then there is all the other chatter going on in our heads, as we trade stocks:

Arrogance – thinking we have all the answers,

Forecasting – that prevents us discovering real winning opportunities, preventing timely entries and timely exits; forecasting (beyond minutes, beyond seconds, really) is useless,

Greed – biased filled day trading to get rich quick,

Fear – the source of most mistakes. Focusing on obsolete day trading technical analysis and fundamental analysis information, as if those alone could make your rich.

All this background chatter going on in your head seems to be never-ending – it’s overwhelming for losers.

I know you know all this.

Question is – how do you silence most of the noise, to focus exactly what you need to be thinking about for winning?

That’s just one of my secrets awaiting your discovery, as a client.

Also, too many monitors and endless chart indicators – that you’ll rarely ever use to make big money on a day trade.

They don’t hold the secret or some sort of day trading rules advantage, day trading strategies, or any other day trading stock advantage – no Holy Grail, by any stretch.

That’s all, in my long experience, fodder for the real “idiots” (just humor, remember) who continue using – as if they are important to make money, in spite of repeated failures in their inappropriate use.

You keep losing like this, thinking all the while, hoping actually, that your luck will change for you to make the big bucks – and you don’t. What’s that called? It’s called insanity.

So, most or what you think is valuable, is just junk – distracting you and every day trader, including me, once in a long while, from winning.

Your trading power comes in a mood of calm, trading competently and intuitively – like learning to drive a car across the country, multitasking, dealing with distractions, yet effortlessly, fun actually – again, trading, like driving, intuitively.

Your power to win is all about being in the right trade at the right moment with real opportunities to trade; not trading when you feel exhausted by the distracting analysis and endless information, more noise, and overwhelmed by the lists of picks you likely pay dearly for day after trading day.

Remember the Pareto principal?

Only 20% of what you THINK produces – 80% of what you NEED and WANT

Big Money WINNING.


The important question, again, is – how do you rid yourself of the 80% (the distracting Noise), to have the calm, energy, and skill to win, when real opportunities arise?

That’s what the Trading WEALTH Learning program and my coaching are all about.




Now – the Good News

You too can become a Very Profitable Winner

You Can Do This!

The Winner’s Game – 5 Key Elements:

  1. Perspective: the proper mindset (what works, what doesn’t work),
  2. Day Trading Strategies: get on, and stay on, the winner‘s track,
  3. Day Trading Systems: – simple, clear, effective action,
  4. Day Trade Execution Skills: without distress, guided entries and exits,
  5. With your own master Day Trading Consultant/Coach – to make it all possible:
  • For you to have a clear sense of direction,
  • To gain confidence,
  • To develop competence,
  • To present big money trading opportunities (real-time calls) and
  • “While-you-are-in-the-trade” – guidance,
  • Guidance with new strategic day trading rules that work – to optimize winning,
  • The best day trading Coach – for Mastery, for Winning, and to maximize Profitability.



Feel confident to get going?

Got that burning desire to win?

Just give me a call –





The Trading Wealth learning program

A Call for Action

A Call for Change


A call for you to finally have the huge financial success you have only been dreaming about.

Junk your OLD school stock trading system, your “go nowhere” day trading tips that have been standing in the way of your becoming a consistently profitable winner.

End the use of all obsolete, dead-ended day trading systems. You’ve found these just keep you busy doing one thing better – big money losing.

They don’t help you at all to become a winner; they are a huge distraction for your day trading success.



Your Need for Change?

Your thirst for Winning

Whether you become a client or not, you know you must End your Big Money Losing.

If you decide to continue going it alone, on your own, without affecting change to win, I strongly advise that you end your career as a trader. Stop trading.

That’s right – stop trading altogether, or you will get killed, again or eventually, you will get taken out – by the “smart money” trickster traders.

Now you know all your big money losing was not your fault, not your lack or competence. Your real source of losing was trading on your own thinking books and courses were all you needed to become successful. Well you were misled.

The dreadful, unanticipated, trickster caused big money losses were not really your doing – you are not to blame.

Should you ignore what I’m sharing with you on this website, my caring for you for free like this, and continue on your descending to trader hell journey, then you can than hold yourself responsible for being a loser. Then you will be at fault for not taking care of yourself without my further, professional help.

Now that you have this breakthrough information, that sets up the strong possibility of your ending the big money losing game, replacing that with the big money winning game – it’s your turn for action, it time for you to allow me to coach you into big money winning, now.

Many day traders will simply ignore what I have just said and keep right on trading old school and when it comes to their retirement capital, let misguided advisers, directly or indirectly, mismanage their money. I hope the hell that’s not you. Notice I used the word hope, as you are the only person with the capital and the decision making authority to ask me to help you make all this happen.

In any case, if that’s you, if you choose not to let me help you help yourself, I understand, as that’s how I used to feel – the independent, arrogant, nothing can stop me attitude of a loser.

Should you persist in trading OLD school, without a coach, I repeat – stop trading.

At best you will produce mediocre, ho-hum results, more likely you’ll piss through a bucket of cash, as a bitter, disgruntled loser.

As well, refuse to let others manage your money (those so-called professionals you entrusted with your retirement money) trade for you, as their investment game has also rendered obsolete with technology (software) causing trickery – slashing everyone’s savings and retirement in half every few years.

Take control. Learn to grow your money with me. You don’t need another round of that nonsense.



Stop Big Money Losing, with my help – Now!

or Quit Day Trading Stocks Altogether!


“What can I do with my money if I don’t trade?” – You might ask.

Not much. I don’t know what you can do to grow your money these days, given the negative economic and political climate and the trickery going on to your disadvantage in all financial markets – from banks, to real estate, to oil, and even gold.

You’ll figure that out somehow, even if it means playing it safe by parking your capital at little, considering inflation, or negative interest.

The real point here – given the gift of information I shared with you today, this is not the time to be reckless.

You must stop draining your net worth – either by trading on your own or allowing other incompetents to do likewise – or you will eventually be taken out, again and then once again, absent this intervention, absent my help – this change you and I know you need right now.

Act – take care of yourself and your financial future with my help. Call me this moment – should I not be available, just leave a short message call with your number and I’ll get right back to you. Here: 949-218-4114

There is the possibility that I’ll “have a full house” of clients.

In that case ask me to place you on my waiting list. That way you keep your hope of making it in this business alive.

Meanwhile, stop trading – as you will only be learning how to lose and that sucks – you know it, and I certainly know it from long, hard losing experience.

Look, my gift to you is this new and extremely valuable information about losing and winning – is a wakeup call, a call (for you and all the other losing traders visiting this website) to take care of yourself both financially and emotionally.

Don’t be stupid, like I was years ago, blowing through hundreds of thousands in less than a year, trying to beat the system rigged against you.

Instead, learn to play (trade) the new game, or don’t trade at all, period. I recognize I’m repeating myself – don’t worry, it’s part of being a good teacher – repetition – you need to hear this over and over for it to all sink in. I only wish I had all this back than to avoid all the losing, all the suffering.

I give you this information from hard learned experience with no expectations of being paid in exchange – for what most consider very valuable, end big money losing and suffering, good avoidance advice.

This is my purpose, my driving force in my life.

It’s my way of giving back – serving those in need the most, that’s my sense of meaning in business, in my life – helping you and all the other losing traders get what you want and need, without going through what I went through, to get on the other side losing, called big money winning.

Take this free day trading advice seriously, whether you decide to trade with me or not. I know, it’s your money. It’s also none of my business what you do with your future career needs or your money.

I also know it’s your career and your day trading business that’s at stake; it’s also your wealth, thus your health at stake – your life and your lifestyle are also at stake.

Again – take care of yourself. If you don’t get my services – but stop trading.

If you fail take the challenge for change required to be a successful day trader, then, seriously, get back into some other line of low stress work or business.

Enough, I don’t like writing that any more than you like hearing it – over and over – let’s get back to what you want, end the dreadful, big money losing, once and for all – displacing that with big money winning.

So maybe now we can or do agree – what you need when you’re investing, swing trading, or day trading is big money winning – yes?

That only comes with the new game, the new game coach, practicing the new game with your coach – and a balance of capital and patience, frankly lots of both – or you do not qualify.

You now know what’s missing but you don’t know how to get it on your own.

I want to help you get it, the big money winning career and business profitability – as fast as your learning abilities, capital, and my learning program, consultint and coaching allow.



The day Trading Wealth learning program


What solutions, what value do I have to offer you in your situation of financial vulnerability?

First, I have helped you clearly see why you lose – so you can get my help – to end the hoping, boredom and bleeding, once and for all.

That’s the primary purpose of this website and, guess what, you got all that consultation for free, on me.

Then, as you choose to be my client, I’ll help you shift most of what you (and 98% of all the other losing traders) think and do while day trading stock – to jump start you straight toward that 2% winners circle.

We (you and me) can execute trades extremely competitively and profitably for the simple and well know purpos2 in any important area of your life – Winning.

Empowering you further, with my real-time day trade calls, in our winner’s stock day trading room, so you too can shift your trading performance – from losing thousands a day to winning thousands a day.

All you need to learn to do well is execute trades – NEW school, NEW game – with your master day trader coach by your side, every step of the way.

No pre-market or post-market research, no picks of the day, no digging for setups, while silencing the noise from the get go, ending the distress, and certainly not giving you another useless indicator – you just execute trades, based on my calls, New school.

To eliminate the money risks while learning, you will be trading on simulator software, not trading real cash for a while, to learn the new software first, then learn how to execute trades new school – using the best, powerful trading software to execute these trades.

You will do this mentally at first, clumsily perhaps – eventually you will be trading, much so, intuitively as much practice with me allows.

I know change and learning are not much fun, especially shifting your focus about making big money – in the short run.

That will all change when you go cash, at various levels of tension and risk lot size dependent, as you attain your comfort level with each. That’s learning. That’s all about learning to win.

That’s it. Execute Trades – Simple, yes?

As your practice thus your competence progresses toward mastery, I will all the while be helping you learn how to do everything I do, for big money winning, wealth building winning – nothing missing – should I someday not be available, you can continue your winning journey without my help. I don’t ever recommend you trade without your coach and I’ll do my best to be around to help you for a couple more decades, my guess.

By the way, I have clients who far outperform me eventually, as they have more capital and a much higher risk tolerance than I. That really doesn’t matter – it’s all about the game and winning, remember, trading in your comfort level or zone.

But, there is a caveat – like any business opportunity, there are no performance guarantees.

It will require you to muster all the passion, commitment, patience, and determination to learn to lose, yes, learn to lose at first (just like a beginner athlete) , and then learn to win (more than you lose), then BAM, you become a consistently profitable (confident, competent, and intuitive, results oriented) winner – moving toward being a wealth building winner – depending on your age, millions in profits over the years, as you continue to learn how to day trade stock with me – new school. And let’s not forget – it’s a two way street this consultant/coach – client partnership – I learn with you, as well.

Day Trading Stocks – NEW School

It’s challenging and enlivening, for sure, as you will soon discover –

and it will take time and patience for both of us to get you to

sustained Wealth Building Winning.



All that matters is Winning – any area of Life

There is no other game I know of, second to a great relationship, where winning can be so pervasive, exhilarating, and fun.

The moment you sense you trust me and what I offer you (my sincerity, my competence, and my coaching ability for developing big money winners) and, more importantly, instant you trust yourself (that you too, can become this big money winner (when you have your vision – the burning, passionate commitment to win), and then, completing the circle of trust, I sense I trust that you are qualified and have a reasonable good chance to become this winner – you will commit financially to go forward in this partnership for change and winning.



In summary – Three levels of Trust needed:

Your trust – in me (stock advice, consulting, coaching) and the Trading Wealth Learning program,
Your trust in yourself – that you sense you have what it takes to win,
My trust in you – that I sense that you have what it takes to win.

Engaging my services is much like buying any other big ticket item, like college, a house, or a new car – they all help you feel like, thus become, a winner.

You do your research, make sure it’s not another hollow, go nowhere deal.

Get the proof you need with me in the trading room. Then you can begin to imagine yourself (like in college, the car or the house) – as a winner – then, you pick up the phone to get moving with that call.

Call for your Free day trader Career and Business Consultation ($1,000 Value)



Once you trust the picture you now have in your head, to invest in yourself, for your new strategic day trading future, and you have that burning desire to learn big money winning – POP – you are in the game, on the phone to engage my services, to move forward to get your trading life, thus your whole life, working optimally – to have all that you, and those you care about, have all that you and they want and need in life.

Trading stocks with this coach is not as expensive as most cars or houses, but the Trading Wealth Learning program, with me as your coach, is still considered by most to be a big ticket purchase, but only when you think expense. As an investment in yourself and your future, it’s “priceless”. No career or business is waiting for you in any other industry or country in the world. Those opportunities available for you in a new business venture cost, minimally for startup, $200k and take over 2 years just to break even.

Expense thinking, that is, making the cost fit your budget, I think you can agree, is not exactly the strategy that will get you in any successful career and business.

Like college, working with me is nothing less than an investment, a very potentially lucrative investment for your future, that, when looking back, just one year from now, will appear as a drop in the investment bucket, that can easily outperform your college degree, your house or your car – actually your potential income can easily pay for all three – an income potential with me, unmatched by any business opportunity these days – think: CEO-like income in 6 months, give or take.



Big Money Winning = Change,

Wealth Building Change


Yes, we are talking about change, rapid change, relative to any other career/business development you or anyone else can think of – with this kind of huge profit / income potential.

Allow me to repeat.

(By the way, thanks for allowing me to repeat a lot on this page – it’s all for your benefit, my thinking anyway,)

For you to be in the Trading Wealth learning program, you will need to trust me, and you will need to trust yourself – that you can become a consistently profitable winner – and I will need to trust that both will work for your day trading stocks to flourish beyond belief, forever.

Once we clearly envision a partnership of trust for strategic day trading winning, you will be calling me, to save your place.

Now, listen carefully to this.

Nothing meaningful, purposeful, or valuable comes to us in life without the opportunity for, and the implementation of, life altering change.

The Master Day Trader Coach – your Change Agent

It’s what I do best – after helping CEOs for years, and now helping investors, swing traders, and day traders quickly shift from losers to consistent profitable winners, developing lucrative careers and very profitable businesses.



The day Trading Wealth Learning program


John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach

The Benefits – the Real Value:

  • Move away from pain to gain,

  • Big Money Winning with me as your Coach – as one client put it, “priceless”,

  • Have all that you, and those close to you, want and need,

  • Enjoy the best that life has to offer,

  • Take better care of your health and happiness,

  • Help others take care of themselves – philanthropic joy in giving,

  • Be a force for good in your community,

  • Enjoy amazing holidays and travel time – optimize your lifestyle.


Call for your free trader consultation

(a $1,000/hour Value),


Engage My Services, should you qualify:




Why the Trading Wealth learning program?

Why Consulting and Coaching?

To regain control of your trading game,

be in the big money game, to come alive – Winning!


Our Trading WEALTH Leaning program is unique, innovative, and almost magical with regard to ending trading problems.

Big Money Losing displaced with Big Money Winning, which, after all, is what all daytraders need and want, yes?

I help losers – who trade out of control, distressed out – gain near complete control of their NEW trading game, as they come alive with winning – with unheard-of profitability, day trading stock.

Again, success will require practice and patience.

The more you learn, the more you earn.

If you don’t learn NEW School day trading, how learning in any endeavor really works, you will likely spend the rest of your life in a job or business, working for scarce money.

Or, if you insist on trading stocks OLD School, without this coach, you will likely continue getting killed by those who have learned to win and have endless amounts of money to trick you out of yours.

You can’t solve your trading problems by using the same kind of thinking that gets you in this trouble you find yourself in – and, for sure, you will never solve your trading problems on your own.

Big success doesn’t work that way, it never works that way – not for any top notch athletes or executives – nor will it work for day traders like you. Acknowledge the fact – that you haven’t made it is your proof, that going it alone – really sucks.

To resolve your trading problems, you need a different perspective; you need to raise your awareness of how big money can really be made stock market day trading.

You need to get why you get your ass kicked often – why traders lose so much so fast, no matter the traditional trading books and courses you and they take in, and all those you and they turn to for help, who pretend to be coaches, disguised to sell sell you their hollow products and services.

The Trading WEALTH Learning program has been called a “game changer” for good reason – it’s your potential, powerful life changer.

More – Benefits:

  • Have all you need to win, absent the useless noise,
  • Competitive (proprietary) software configurations,
  • Trading power to be able to compete with the best daytraders worldwide,
  • Trade energized – optimal physical, mental, emotional, and, yes, spiritual energy of a winner,
  • Make big money trades in our winner’s day trading room,
  • Powerful day trade execution tools, tricks, techniques,
  • Setups expected to yield $1-3 wins, in a matter of minutes,
  • A winner’s day trading systems – all of the above systems, and then some.


In summary, benefits for losers –

to End, forever, Big Money Losing,

to become consistently profitable Winners,

then Wealth building winners.


Here’s What My Day Trader Clients – Do Differently

First, I help clients day trade the NEW day trading game (thus, end big money losing) — with a winner‘s perspective.

With just a few, simple day trading rules, day trading strategies, applying our unique day trading systems – as well, day trading tips and tactics.

All will quickly help you learn how to lose, then learn how to win, then win more than you lose, and finally to consistently and profitably winning – with the ultimate goal of having you earning thousands a day, day trading online.

That is, frankly, for most who come to me for help, overwhelming value for what I have to offer you – the want-to-be winner.

Seriously and diligently engaging our Trading WEALTH Learning Program, and you can quickly convert your piss-poor performance – from losing to consistently profitable winning.

Unlike all the other money focused loser systems you find on the Internet, the Trading WEALTH Learning program is a real learning program, with a seasoned consultant / coach to help you get what you want – Winning.

Why? How?

Because it’s a learning program that’s all about practice with your coach, learning and winning – not about the money, while day trading stock.

[Please note: day trading is not high frequency trading (HFT) which involves trading for micro seconds vs. the seconds or minutes that our day trading systems involve.]

Income Potential = $300K+ a year

Can you imagine what your life would be like

with that level of trading Power?


You will no longer get beat up by big money traders and your big money losses will be gone forever, unless you go back trading on your own, cowboy-like.

You will have equal footing and competence to successfully trade WITH the smart money traders – you have often feared or avoided, until now.

You will quickly discover that it never pays to trade on your own, not even in the short run and certainly not long term. Can you think of a world-class athlete – winning – without a coach? No, that’s not how winning works, any sport, any business, any industry, any country.

Working with me, you will discover the value and benefits of trading with your own day trading consultant/day trading coach by your side.

The value of having a trading coach is – to rapidly gain and retain the confidence, competence, and winning results that you need, to become a day trader wealth builder.

Your Day Trader, Daytrading – Opportunity

What’s it worth to you to be able make thousands a day?

What’s the value of hundreds of thousands a year?


I think you can agree that now, that if you are going to give it your all in any business venture, you must be well rewarded.

For us, as stock day traders, that equates with having a special capacity of earning thousands a day, hundreds of thousands a year

For me, and now you, that means day trading stock at that level of income and settling for nothing less.

Still in Doubt – Want Proof?

You too can be day trading NEW school, real time, anxiety free, winning, and earning the big bucks you never felt possible (given what you have been through) – the big money you want and you deserve.

Here’s all the proof you need.

Check our trading room calls, and profits logs, our day trade pages (with my clearly posted, time stamped, unedited guidance, with timely entry and exit support).

See for yourself, how our daily trading logs reveal what we do and what you could be doing in our trading room.

For more proof, ask to be my guest to view the trades of the day, in my day trading room, before I close the unalterably secure trading room software.

See for yourself what I am talking about, for you to envision yourself as a big money winner, build trust in yourself that you can make it, and have trust in what I do in the trading room is real.

Just one stock trading call, just one win, is all you need – to see for yourself all the proof you need to get on board.

Just click on this link to install hotComm trading room software, then call hotComm support (508-563-2025) to be sure the software works, then please give me a call for my to give you the trading room access password for you to gain entry, so we can go over any and all trades – for you to have all the proof you need to get on the winner’s track for your big money winning potential.

Aspiring Daytraders – The Ball is in Your Court

Do you have what it takes,

to be a day trader Winner?


  • Adequate risk Capital — learning capital, start-up capital, and risk capital?

(Cash – account capital requirements: minimal – $5oK, trading just 100 shares,

optimal – $100 to $200K+ trading 500 to 1,000 shares),

  • Passion – ready and willing to do whatever it takes to become a consistently profitable Winner?
  • The Commitment and Patience – to be a Wealth building Winner?
  • Stock Advice, consulting, and coaching, to become a winner?


Call for your free day trader Evaluation ($1,000/hour Value),

so I can help you see your potential for winning.



Call to audit our stock trading room for the day, at no charge, to get the proof you need that we can help you to, relatively quickly – generally within 6 months or less – to become a winner.

I think we can agree that I have exactly what you need and want – for your day trading success to be realized.

The solutions to your trading problems and the value of my systems and services, go way beyond the investment, way beyond my fees (think risk/reward – risk $33K (currently), rewards $300K+ a year income potential for years to come) – to have both your career and business finally come alive with energy and unheard-of profitability.


Beware – the Cost of Procrastination

Our innovative Trading Wealth Learning program, can bring about an end to your big money losing, get you winning again, with my help; putting you on the road to wealth building.

We both know you can’t afford to go on losing – not emotionally, and, for sure, not financially.

The costs for your continued losses are what I want you to be thinking about ending with me and so you can get your draining investment capital issue flattened – for us to begin working together to end losing, first and foremost – then start winning.

It doesn’t matter the level of losing you are experiencing, and are likely continue to experience – only making up to $50K or a stretch to $100K a year, bored with breaking even results, or if you are really pissed blowing out account after account.

You need to stop losing, now.

You need to end the distress, both financially and emotionally that’s all part of continuous losing.

The high risk prospects of your continuing to trade on your own, OLD school, as opposed to the low risk/huge reward potential of learning to trade with my help, New School – is exactly the trading power you know you need for your financial future to be anything close to what I have been sharing with you here.

Change all your day trading goals.

Stop putting up with mediocrity and boredom, let alone big money losing and the accompanying suffering.

I trust you are now or will very soon be prepared to shift from losing to consistently profitable winning with me at your side.

Your weekly or even daily costs of continuing to lose are enormous – they can easily exceed the total cost of my Trading Wealth Learning program – just one more month of losing, one week of losing.

Procrastinating traders tell me this all the time, after they come on board, but only after losing another $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 and more.

They get back to me with their stories like – “If I only acted on your day trading advice sooner, I could have used what I lost to pay for your entire learning program, easily.”

Others visit my how to day trade online pages and see the results for just one trading day yielding profits of $10,000, $15,000, and, on extreme rare occasion, well over $30,000 – in a single day!

Not that common during the summer doldrums, but, any trading day, those results are possible, dependent on what the markets, stock price action, and my trading room call and trade execution guidance allow.

Then they say to themselves and then to me, “if that’s what you got for me, I’m IN!”


Think Wealth… Starting right now!

The day trading game has changed,

so have we, how about you?

Best Online Stock Trading – NEW School



Now let’s be clear, not every day pans out like written above and these days I’m required to tell you that there are no performance guarantees, nor any guarantee that you will be successful at all.

There are no guarantees in any career/business offerings, anywhere. No guarantees from your College. No guarantees from any Consultant. And, for sure, No guarantees from any Attorney of Physician.

Actually, there are no guarantees for any business services.


Any Success is always about – Action!

Investors & Day Traders – Act Now, Avoid Delay!

Never put your future, your career, your business, Your Life

On Hold!


Caring & Serving is what makes life count – it’s our purpose and meaning (you and I matter).

I can only coach so many clients at a time – don’t risk the waiting list.

We agreed – you need to stop losing now – not next week, not next month, and obviously, for you to retain your sanity, not months from now.

I don’t want to hear you complain of having to pay more later or having to wait to get into the program. My work is to satisfy, not disappoint clients.

Space is limited; thus membership is limited. Act now to reserve your spot.

I’m not saying that to be tricky or present scarcity.

I’m cautioning you as I’ve been advised to raise my fees to be more commensurate with value and opportunity for developing a $300K+ per year business.

With a clear cut opportunity such as this, I would personally not want to risk being on any waiting list, in hopes that someone may drop out. Procrastination is your opportunity killer – you don’t need me to remind you of what you have already experienced as you have let opportunities in the past pass you by.

Don’t allow yourself to repeat that crap, act now.



You deserve the best day trading consultant

and the best day trading coach,

settle for nothing less.


So, here’s your heads up – don’t risk higher fees (day trading fees); don’t risk being put on a waiting list.

Day traders, there is nothing for you to lose and everything for you to gain by making a simple telephone call.

Call right now



John showed me just how much the markets and trading stocks have changed and why I needed to change to get big money results.”

Christopher Anthony


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By: John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach


Client Income potential3 goals:

  • $1-3K+ per trade – with 1,000 shares, that’s $1,000 to $3,000+ wins,
  • $3K+ per day – about 3 to 10 trades a day, just 3 days a week,
  • $300K+ per year – just 42 weeks a year, now that’s real wealth building winning.



A few words of Caution:

  • Stop Losing Thousands a trade; start Winning Thousands a trade – or don’t trade,

  • Like all world-class athletes, Never day trade without your Day Trading Coach,

  • Like all services from professionals (attorneys, physicians, and this day trading coach) – there are No client performance, nor income guarantees.


Google Author: John McLaughlin, StockCoach

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