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“I’ve learned more about the real power of day trading stocks from you, John, in the last 20 minutes, than I have in the last waisted 20 months. For me that’s priceless!”

Richard Connors


John McLaughlin, Stock Coach

Master Day Trading Coach

”This is the best stock trading site”, for every troubled stock investor, swing trader, and day trader – to Empower + Enable you to gain (regain) your:




– for

 Big Money Winning Results


 (Day Trading Stocks, NEW School”)



What do you really need for success – 

for big money winning results?

Prospective clients (very dissatisfied) – usually respond:

  • Stop Losing Thousands a Trade

  •  Start Winning Thousands a Trade

You can make this shift from losing to winning

within months, not years… With Your Own

Master Day Trading Coach



Hi, this is John McLaughlin,

Master Day Trading Coach –

Welcome Aboard


Day Trading Stocks, NEW School – with

John McLaughlin, Master Day Trading Coach


My Purpose, as your Day Trading Coach,

is to help you shift:

From –

Big Money Losing,

 To –

Big Money Winning.

Day Trading Stocks – NEW School


Pay Attention!


To get what you both Need and Want –

the rare opportunity of

Learning to earn a minimum of

$300K a year.

(Not Hype – should you qualify, I’ll Prove It)

Big Money Winning.



Imagine – being empowering, then enabled with me as your Master Day Trading Coach, with my day trading systems + day trading tips + stock trading insights – for Big Money Winning results.

Learn to day trade stocks anew with me. to have the Confidence + Competence + big money profitably results – for the rest of your life.



This website is the “best stock trading site” – Why?

Because it reveals why traders loose so much, so fast + what it take to shift to Big Money Winning.

Losing is pervasive (as you may have heard from the media and academia) – over 95% all traders, world-wide, are Losers – but this is a problem that’s solvable, with this Master Day Trading Coach guiding + enabling you, every stop on your journey toward day trading Mastery, to have Big Money winning the result.

As well, I care about you (and other trouble traders) becoming calm, powerful winners – in spite of all the big money stock trader trickery.

My instinctual consulting and coaching work + what you can read on this site are all about helping day traders like you create / restore day trader career viability + business profitability, way beyond belief, I know – for you to have optimal stock trading competitiveness for you to have the potential to explode your day trading income – your stock trading results.

I also care about you having the control, with virtually distress-free calm – to develop a winner’s mind set, to have the power to learn how to  day trade stock at your absolute winning best (just like you having a world-class coach, mastering your game of tennis, swimming, or golf).

Again, I’ll help you develop world-class competitiveness – for Big Money Winning results, and, get this, in the process, Ending (once and for all – unless you play cowboy) Big Money Losing. There will be losing, just like any sport, any game – but taking these minimal losses now that will simply set you free, for Big Money Winning.

[Please, read the above once again – as no one trades the way my clients and I do, thus, no one can make you such a financially powerful offer of consulting and coaching services for the solid potential of Big Money Winning results – for lasting, wealth building results.]



This can be your WOW moment,

a wake-up call – 

for you to shift your Performance Results –

from Esteem depleting Losing to

the Joy of Big Money Winning.


Your Primary Opportunities:

First – End Big Money Losing

 Second – Start Big Money Winning.



Can your day trader dreams come true?

You bet they can/will – You, too, can do this.



This is what you have been trying to do,

on your own, seemingly forever,

but have repeatedly failed to accomplish (powerless) – true?


Ready to move forward?


Call me for your Free

Day Trader Career + Business



or Skype: 949-338-1730



Need More? – Need Proof?

Call me at the number above.


Like me years ago, most traders tell me

they have failed to get what they really want –

Big Money Winning



And the big question you have been asking yourself, for a long time now –  “what’s it going to take to make money in the day trading stocks business?”

Question – Why have you failed to reach

your trading goals?

Well, for starters, you’re addicted, my guess (like I was addicted to years ago – and still have the urge, rarely, to this day) – to Being Right – at just about every aspect of day trading stocks.

Why not? given all the time and money you’ve invested to become an “expert” – books, courses, expos, and all the so called expert advisors, who rehash all the obsolete garbage that used to work but, over 15 years back.

Being right is a lonely game, as you are trading on your own, absent a master coach.

Remember you are an “expert” now, after all you’ve invested in Old School day trading information – books, courses, advice, and so on – to zero avail. You know.

Being right also traps you into all the negative habits: Forecasting (observing the past, anticipating the future) – causing you to avoid / ignore the present moment, where real trading opportunities exist.

Well, how has forecasting been going for you?

Not very well, I’m told, over and over – by many seeking my help, who feel they are the best prepared traders in the business.

Shockingly, their results, on the negative side, leave them in a mood of suffering, despair, indignance.


Day Trading

Stock Trading – Losers:


Trade On their Own, Old School


Forecasting, more Old School


You already know what Trading On your Own produces – just check your trading results.


This arrogance while trading (thinking we have all the answers), with a get rich quick/Money focus motivation you in a mood of hopeblinds / distracts you and all the other losers.

Arrogance is the primary source of losing, too often, big money losing.

Occasionally, arrogant trading can be the source of winning, but, as you know – “chump change” winning, rather than big money winning.

The more arrogance, mixed with high hope, the more you need to be right – the more you lose. Does this vicious cycle sound familiar?

Arrogance / Hope – are not strategies. They are distracting biases.

Arrogance (forecasting) kills

both your Confidence, then your Capital.

Problem is, arrogance has got you nothing but frustration and shocking moments of big money losses, not the success you need – consistently profitable winning.

Plus, you have a distractive and financially destructive focus on the money, causing you be thrown off balance with a mix of fear and greed, while ignoring what you really need – the empowering / enabling elements for winning:

1. A winner’s perspective,

2. A focus on winning (not the money),

3. A winner’s day trading strategies

4. A winner’s day trading systems

5.  Daily empowerment (Coaching) – to

7. Be Enabled for Big money Winning results.

You won’t get these, trading on your own.

Reading obsolete books, attending obsolete day trading courses, listening to any of the endless, self-proclaimed gurus – you’ve learned is dead ended, uselesscapital loss suck.

As well, any of the endless, obsolete internet services – including any forms of “picks of the day” end up as attention grabbing garbage.

Instead, have an engaging, power-packed conversation with me about your day trading stocks possibilities, then learning to day trade stocks with me, NEW school –  for big money winning results.

Be empowered in our winner’s day trading room – void of arrogance, trading with power (not hope), with Big Money Winning, the new norm.

[Just like professional tennis and golf, focused on winning, with a master Coach / Pro.]

Not a focus on the Money,

Not the impossible Vegas gamblers dream, of

Getting Rich Quick.


Picture This, again:

Winners focus on whatever it takes for

consistently profitable Winning (like all world-class athletes) –

Trading Stocks, NEW School

No longer stock trading – On Your Own, but with:

  • A winner’s day trader Perspective,
  • A winner’s day trading Game,
  • A winner’s day trading strategies,
  • A winner’s day trading systems,
  • New Rules for the game,
  • Developing new, winning habits,

All facilitated with your own Master day trading Coach, with the Best stock trading Sites + Trading Room for:

  • Trading Stocks, in a partnership with me as your coach,
  • Trading Stocks Online, in a winner’s day trading room,
  • Day Trading Stocks, NEW School.

Again, you really need to get this – Winning, trust me on this, comes by day trading NEW School (in the face of, and taking advantage of, pervasive day trader trickery) – with your Master Day Trading Coach:

  • Not stock trading on your Own,
  • Not day trading OLD school,
  • Not trading with Arrogance, Frustration, Fear, Anger, Distress.

Like most losing traders, like me years ago, your likely problem is that you trade on your own, without a coach, and you now have the opportunity end that, to be empowered while day trading stocks with this master day trading coach – for you to achieve all you need and deserve – big money winning results.

Sure there are traders, calling themselves coaches, who offer dated courses, write books (stale, the moment of release), and plenty of others who offer “innovative”, and very time consuming to learn, chart indicators, and you’re offered endless day trading systems that you also find dead ended.

But you’ve learned the hard, very expensive way (your time and money wasted) – none of this old-school stuff works any longer. It may have in the past; not now.

How can I be so certain? I’ve been there, done that. I was a loser just like you and then some, pissing through hundreds of thousands in just a few months, before I quit, before I reinvented the game of day trading stocks – for big money winning.

Plus, your lousy trading results are all the proof you need for you to know you need to change – change a lot to ever get what you want – I suggest to you, dramatic, a full throttle move against big money losing change, with my help.

What you do get with these tired, tried and failed day trading approaches is an expensive hobby, at best, or, worse case, more big money losing, more of your capital sucked away.

Eventually your energy and esteem get depleted in losing, distracted like this repeatedly with more “bright, shinny objects”, offering more dead-ended, at times dreadful, results.

Here’s what most losers discover, when it’s too late – their brain quits, as the brain hates to lose. You lose often enough and it will quit on you. You know what that’s called? Of course you do – it’s called depression, requiring anti-depressant drugs, mixed with months of talk therapy. Not a very pleasant picture / outcome.

You know what I’m talking about, from long experience in your life when you have found yourself in a toxic relationship, or you play a game, any game, over and over as a loser, or the loss of a loved one’s life.

Not a time for humility, when you need help, right now. Fact is – I’m the only day trading coach available for you, who has worked with and innovated with some of the best executives in business, using my consulting and coaching strategies and skills – that I now offer day traders like you, to change moods and results – for you to become a champion, competing with the best traders in the world.

Call me for your Free

Day Trader Career + Business





My day trader Value proposition

Why so Unique?

Why so Special?


1. Over the years, I’ve mastered the 3 arts of:

  • Consulting executive + businesses + day traders
  • Coaching – executives + day traders
  • Daytradingday trading stock, New school


2. I innovated a winner’s approach to day trading stock:

  • New stock trading game
  • Ending big money losing

(yes, as well, ending both personal + financial suffering)

  • New day trading strategies,
  • New day trading systems,
  • A Winner’s day trading room.

All for you to engaged with your master day trading coach, for

Big Money Winning mastery + results.


3. Day trading Empowerment, for client day traders to restore and manage:

  • Confidence trust in yourself, in your vision, in me,
  • Competence – move from a beginner, to mastery,
  • Esteem finally in control, confidently in charge of your future,
  • With a huge Competitive Advantage –  for,
  • Lasting Results Big Money Winning results.




It’s time to put an end to your vicious cycle of

frustration, distress, losing,

Big Money Losing,




End big money losing,

End you financial + emotional suffering.

Be open to this huge opportunity

day trading stocks with this master coach.



 Start Big Money Winning,


Wealth Building Winning Results.


You Can Do This!


Let’s Talk.

Call me for your Free

Day Trader Career + Business Consultation

($1,000 Value)




Is this your turn to –

End Big Money Losing,


– displacing that day trader dread with –


Big Money Winning?



Oh, something else I suspect you haven’t figured out, on your own – how to make it in this business of day trading stocks, no matter all the day trading systems you’ve tested, the courses you’ve taken, and the seemingly endless amounts of money and time expended to master all the obsolete day trading strategies you’ve tried, only to fail – over and over again.

That’s more than frustration, distress, and the humiliation of losing at the whim of tricksters. This leaves you extremely vulnerable for more of the same.

A chunk of your life is gone – as a loser. Can we agree, you don’t need more?



Yes, you have likely failed, like me years ago, to gain the day trader

Ability, the Capacity – for Winning,

the Power, for Big Money Winning

to build the foundation for

Wealth Building winning.



Think about this…

No more flash in the pan,

No more bright shinny objects,

No more like Las Vegas gambling against the house,

No More Suffering, with endless Big Money Loses.



It’s my goal, my purpose, my ongoing vision to help each troubled trader who comes my way (especially helping those who have been beaten and battered, both financially and emotionally, like I was for too long a period of time years ago, day trading stock Old School) – change their trading performance results, thus, change their life – to have all they have ever wanted and needed, as a day trader becoming a Big Money Winner.


My job is provide you with

an opportunity of a lifetime

– to Change – to learn to Win.


To help you become Big Money Winner 

in the least amount of time – that

your capital and your learning potential,

+ my day trading coaching, allow.


Yes, my sense of purpose and meaning helping traders like you get the success you seek and deserve – soars, with every client success.

I refer to this as day trader winning (not a new concept at all for sports and most business managers / leaders, but what is sadly and pervasively missing in the discourse is consistent winning, while day trading stocks, with my help).

All that matters for you and me, is my helping you – is for you to be daytrading in control, energized, and very profitably.


I think, no, given your trading performance, like most who come my way, who come to this website – you have been totally missing the winners perspective.

So, call me, then allow me turn on your daytrading lights with my Trading Wealth Learning Program.

Then let’s focus on you becoming

a winner, a Big Money winner – ASAP.


Let’s get you the winning results you want and deserve – then,

for the rest of your actively trading life,

be a Wealth Building Winner

Trading Stocks, NEW School,

with this master day trader coach,

every step of the way for your success.



So that’s my Offer.

Explode your Performance Results – in an empowering relationship with me as your day trading coach – to learn to trade stocks all over again, but this time, for Big Money Winning results.



Let’s Talk.

Call me for your Free

Day Trader Career + Business Consultation




 A few words of Caution:

  • Stop Losing Thousands a trade; start Winning Thousands a trade – or don’t trade,

  • Like all world-class athletes, Never day trade without your master Day Trading Coach,

  • Like all services from professionals (attorneys, physicians, consultants, and coaches) – there are No client performance guarantees, No income guarantees, and No refunds of any fees paid to me for consulting, coaching, or any other services.


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