Day Trading Stocks – Income Potential $300K+ a year.

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Day Trading StocksNEW School

with your Master Day Trading Coach,

John McLaughlin, StockCoach


“I’ve learned more about day trading stock from you John

in the last 20 minutes than I have in the last 20 months. Priceless!” Richard Connors


John McLaughlin, StockCoach - Day Trading Coach


This is the only day trading stocks website on the internet for

investors, swing traders, and day traders to gain (regain)

confidence, competence – for big money winning results.


Stop Losing Thousands a Trade,

Start Winning Thousands a Trade

With this master Day Trading Coach



Hi, this is John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach -

Welcome Aboard


Day Trading Coach, Day Trading Stocks – NEW School – John McLaughlin, Day trading Coach


My Purpose, as your Day Trading Coach

is to help you shift -

from Big Money Losing,

to Big Money Winning


Day Trading Stocks, NEW School


I created this website because I Care about you

and your day trading stocks future.



I care about you achieving

your optimal day trading success.



This could very well be your WOW moment, and for most – YOU,

it’s a wake-up call – for you to shift your performance from

Big Money Losing, to Big Money Winning.


It’s what you have been trying to do, seemingly forever,

but have repeatedly failed to accomplish, on your own.


Like me years ago, you have failed to get

what you want – winning - big money winning?



Is this your turn to – End Big Money Losing,

displacing that dread with – Big Money Winning?



Introducing, for your Discovery, your Unique

Opportunity for Winning


The Trading Wealth Learning Program

  • A revolution – in short term day trading services for winning,

  • To quickly regain your confidence & competence,

  • To gain daytrading power, to competitively dominate markets,

  • For big money Winning then, Wealth building results,

  • To set you financially free - to have all you want in your life, for the rest of your life.


Here’s another WOW moment eye opener, for your new

day trading Career and Business, with my help


Income Potential$300K+ a year –

Ah … finally,

Financial Freedom.


How would you like to – Never be

Financially Vulnerable again?

Think – CEO level Income.




The Trading WEALTH learning – What’s unique?



End Losing Thousands a trade

Start Winning Thousands a trade


Starting right now – call for your free day trader evaluation - 949-218-4114



How to be a day trader (a pattern day trader),

Day Trading Stocks, NEW School?




The day Trading Wealth learning program:


“It’s a Game Changer

YOUR Day trading Stock – Game Changer !




The Pure Joy of Consistently Profitable Winning


The Investing, Swing Trading,

and Day Trading Games -

have all all Changed,

to your distinct Disadvantage.


(To the advantage of the few Tricksters -

who financially and emotionally kill the rest,

YOU, whenever they like)




Investors, Swing Traders & Day Traders -

End – Big Money Losing,

Start – Big Money Winning!




A Transformation in Day Trading Stocks




What Do Day Traders HATE?

(Financial Pain and Emotional Suffering.)



What do Daytraders really WANT & NEED?


- pure and simple -

Consistently Profitable Winning,

Wealth Building Winning – Forever.




The Independence of Daytrading NEW School,

More Wins, then Financial Freedom,

then Wealth Building.




Here’s my Story




Daytrading (Intraday Trading) – with

John McLaughlin, master Day Trading Coach,

Where Big Money Winning set you up for a lifetime of

Wealth Building Winning.




Making Big Money in the Stock Markets –

Has Never Been Easier - but Challenging, for sure.




Your Day Trading Practice


My Services = Huge Opportunity



The Day Trader Crisis – A Time for Change


Day Trade - Problems

Day Trader - Solutions

Income: limited income job, hassles, boring, stressful, dead-ended job or business potential.

Day Trade: become a day trader with unlimited income potential – become a big money winner, day trading for a living.
Retirement: funds 50% depleted – incompetent advisers, obsolete game. Day Trading Practice: fire your adviser; learn how to day trade your own funds, in control, on your terms.
Wealth: excessive personal and financially draining risks, lousy income producing results.

Gain Power: shift – from losing to winning, from out of control to complete control, with stellar financial results.

Losing: 98% of all traders are Losers.

Learn to Win: become a Wealth building Winner.

Stocks Day Trading

The Bad News + the Good News

Fist, the Bad News (as though you haven’t heard enough bed news)


Who are the 4 Types of (Day Trading Stocks) Losers?

  • Repeat Losers — crash (personally) and burn (financially), then quit,
  • Big money Losers — blowing out account after account,
  • Break-even traders — bored, more like a hobby
  • So-so income “Winners” — earning far less than $100K a year

Now can you see why the stock markets are bloated with losers? (I estimate at in excess of 98% of all traders – worldwide. Yes, including the Wall Street / Hedge Fund crowd.)


Who are some of these stock day trading losers?




The 3 Primary Reasons – Traders Lose




All Success, in any area of life, is about Winning.

  • Relationships (beginning with your self).

  • Business.

  • Sports.

  • War.

  • Spirituality – yes, there are those who are lost in their way, their purpose in living – winning.


Because everything we do on our own, and with others,

are just the games we play, the same for day trading any financial instrument.



The trading Games we Play – Key Success Elements:




Now – the Good News

You too can become a Very Profitable Winner

You Can Do This!

The Winner’s Game – 5 Key Elements:

  1. Perspective: the proper mindset (what works, what doesn’t work),
  2. Day Trading Strategies: get on, and stay on, the winner‘s track,
  3. Day Trading Systems: – simple, clear, effective action,
  4. Day Trade Execution Skills: without distress, guided entries and exits,
  5. With your own master Day Trading Consultant/Coach - to make it all possible:
  • For you to have a clear sense of direction,
  • To gain confidence,
  • To develop competence,
  • To present big money trading opportunities (real-time calls) and
  • “While-you-are-in-the-trade” – guidance,
  • Guidance with new strategic day trading rules that work – to optimize winning,
  • The best day trading Coach – for Mastery, for Winning, and to maximize Profitability.



Feel confident to get going?


Got that burning desire to win?


Just give me a call –




The Trading Wealth learning program

A Call for Action


A Call for Change




Your Need for Change?


Your thirst for Winning




Stop Big Money Losing, with my help – Now !

or Quit Trading altogether!




The day Trading Wealth learning program





All that matters is Winning – any area of Life

There is no other game I know of, second to a great relationship, where winning can be so pervasive, exhilarating, and fun.

The moment you sense you trust me and what I offer you (my sincerity, my competence, and my coaching ability for developing big money winners) and, more importantly, instant you trust yourself (that you too, can become this big money winner (when you have your vision – the burning, passionate commitment to win), and then, completing the circle of trust, I sense I trust that you are qualified and have a reasonable good chance to become this winner - you will commit financially to go forward in this partnership for change and winning.



In summary – Three levels of Trust needed:


  • Your trust – in me and the Trading Wealth Learning program,

  • Your trust in yourself – that you sense you have what it takes to win,
  • My trust in you - that I sense that you have what it takes to win.


Engaging my services is much like buying any other big ticket item, like college, a house, or a new car – they all help you feel like, thus become, a winner.

You do your research, make sure it’s not another hollow, go nowhere deal.

Get the proof you need with me in the trading room. Then you can begin to imagine yourself (like in college, the car or the house) – as a winner - then, you pick up the phone to get moving with that call.





Big Money Winning = Change,

Wealth Building Change




The day Trading Wealth Learning program


John McLaughlin, Day Trading Coach


The Benefits – the Real Value:

  • Move away from pain to gain,
  • Big Money Winning with me as your Coach – as one client put it, “priceless”,
  • Have all that you, and those close to you, want and need,
  • Enjoy the best that life has to offer,
  • Take better care of your health and happiness,
  • Help others take care of themselves – philanthropic joy in giving,
  • Be a force for good in your community,
  • Enjoy amazing holidays and travel time – optimize your lifestyle.


Call for your free trader consultation

(a $1,000/hour Value),


Engage My Services, should you qualify:




Why the Trading Wealth learning program?


Why Consulting and Coaching?


To regain control of your trading game,

be in the big money game,

to come alive – Winning!



Call for your free day trader Evaluation ($1,000/hour Value),

so I can help you see your potential for winning.




You deserve the best day trading consultant

and the best day trading coach,

settle for nothing less.


So, here’s your heads up – don’t risk higher fees (day trading fees); don’t risk being put on a waiting list.

Day traders, there is nothing for you to lose and everything for you to gain by making a simple telephone call.


Call right now



“John showed me just how much the markets and trading stocks have changed and why I needed to change to get big money results.”

Christopher Anthony

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John McLaughlin, StockCoach

Day Trading Consultant / Coach

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John McLaughlin, StockCoach

Day Trading Stocks – Consultant / Coach


949-218-4114Call for your Free Evaluation ($1,000/hr. Value)

John McLaughlin - Stock Coach - Laguna CA John at South Laguna Beach, the Montage Resort, – My Sand Box

Helping troubled investing, swing trading and day trading Losers become consistently profitable Winners Wealth building winners – day trading stocks, NEW School.

Change – The day trading stocks game has changed, dramatically – have you?

Traders need to completely transform their perspective with, and performance in, the stock market – to ever become winners, big money winners, wealth building winners, again.

Client Income potential3 goals:

  • $1-3K+/trade – with 1,000 shares, that’s $1,000 to $3,000+ wins,
  • $3K+/day – about 3 to 10 trades a day, just 3 days a week,
  • $300K+ a year – just 42 weeks a year, now that’s real wealth building winning potential, forever.

A few words of Caution:

  • Stop Losing Thousands a trade; start Winning Thousands a trade – or don’t trade,

  • Like all world-class athletes, Never day trade without your Day Trading Coach,

  • Like all services from professionals (attorneys, physicians, and this day trading coach) – there are No client performance, nor income guarantees.



Author: John McLaughlin, StockCoach

Day Trading Stocks – Consultant / Coach

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